Appreciation Society

After three long torturous weeks of heartbreak and misery in our personal lives and silence so deafening in our professional lives that even tumbleweed refused to make an appearance, we finally had something to make us smile. One of our bestest FB friends, Wil set up a C L Raven fan club for us on Facebook! We were thrilled and so touched. No-one’s ever done anything like that for us before. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing, hilarious, kind, sweet, 100% compatible friend like him. Is it weird that we joined the fan club and are now captains of it? (Captains because we use FB in Pirate speak. So much more fun!) the pic is of a South Park style animation Ryan did of us. Lynx is the one with the straight hair, holding a spanner, Cat is the one with curly hair poking her tongue out. The pumpkin represents our love of Halloween and the snake and cat are two of our pets, Charlie and Ebony. Scott the Zombie now feels so threatened he’s vowed to eat our brains if our fan club gets more likes than his FB page. We’re not worried. For a start, two crazy, pirate/ghost/zombie/vampire obsessed Red Bull addicts will never be more popular than an actual functioning zombie, and two, Scott absorbs personality traits, emotions and creativity from the brains he eats. So he will become a crazy, pirate/ghost/zombie/vampire obsessed Red Bull addict, spend his whole day writing or redrafting our work and have to deal with the inner demons we battle every day. Heh heh that should stop him! 😀

We touched up a champion in the middle of Tesco! Before anyone phones the police and has us charged with two counts of groping and inappropriate behaviour in a public place, we have to state no humans were molested by the fruit aisles. We touched Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull F1 car! There were signs warning people not to touch it because of sharp edges but…it was a Red Bull F1 car. So naturally we stroked its nose. We were so excited we spent ages hovering by it and taking photos. We were the only girls there, strangely. (Yes we love F1). To capitalise on touching a champion car, we submitted a short story that evening, hoping the magic from the car was absorbed by our fingertips. Knowing our luck, our touch has now cursed the Red Bull Racing team. If so, we’re very sorry. No, we don’t regret touching the car 🙂

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