Raven’s Theatre

ravens theatre copy

The scarlet curtain has parted to reveal the dark and dusty stage of Raven’s Theatre. Take a seat, anywhere, the theatre is always empty. In a moment you will watch some of the greatest shows on earth. Hope you’re comfortable because you’ll be here a while. Once you enter Raven’s Theatre, you can never leave. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Real C L Raven

Gunning Down Romance book trailer

Disenchanted book trailer

Soul Asylum book trailer

Bad Romance book trailer

Deadly Reflections book trailer

Romance Is Dead book trailer

Gunning Down Romance book launch

Disenchanted book launch

Soul Asylum book launch

Bad Romance book launch

Salem Literary Festival


The Malignant Dead book trailer

Valentine’s Day Massacre at Southcart Books


  1. Love the new ‘Theatre’ – great to have all the trailers and launch videos easily accessible. Great job with all of the. Especially liked the mashing of colour with monochrome from different angle. Hope your books sell well.

    • thank you! We hadn’t even thought of it ’til Ryan did it on his blog. Hopefully they’ll get more views.

  2. SHINY NEW THINGS! haha…I love the book trailers. Very well done, each one perfectly portrays the flavor of the book it’s for.

    • thank you! We’re collecting images for Bad Romance’s trailer atm.

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