Identity Parade

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47095_452074774834804_1829446731_n“Two heads are better than one.” Either they mean two minds are stronger than one or you get much further in life by being a Hydra, a mythical multi-headed Greek legend who fought Hercules. And although we do have swords and would quite enjoy fighting Hercules, we’ll have to settle for combining our minds and hope we don’t get corrupted by the power. Or burned by some sexy hero in a loin cloth.

No, you’re not seeing double, we are twins.  We love horror films, naturally. Our favourite film though is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. We love anything with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Our favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, Green Day and Fall Out Boy. MCR’S ‘The Black Parade’ album would be our Death Row Disc and has inspired a lot of our poems. We have an army of animals, mostly exotic and they greatly outnumber the humans in Casa Raven. We also enjoy fixing our classic cars. Just as well, considering how often they break down. Why is it always in the rain and in a traffic jam?

We also love exploring castles and going ghost hunting. Even though we don’t believe in ghosts, but we’re desperate to be proved wrong. We have a YouTube ghost hunting show, Calamityville Horror. It’s such a cult hit almost nobody has watched it.

We drink more Red Bull than the national average, despite everyone telling us it’s bad for us. Why is everyone so against our relationship with Red Bull? We’re like the modern day Romeo & Juliet. Great. That means after a terrible misunderstanding, we’ll die in tragic circumstances 😀

Oh and we plan to take over the world.

So in our case, having two heads is definitely better than one and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We just have to be on the lookout for sexy heroes in loincloths carrying brands.


  1. Dear CL Raven,

    Congratulations on the blog. Cool. And the story via Legend. Haven’t read it but will look out for it. I read a submission of yours when I was at Beautiful Books (asylum, burnt down, tree, gothic, haunted house etc) and would have like to do something with your work but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Keep it up. Just an idea, but you might like to check out They might be interesting / useful for you. All the best,

    Anthony Nott

    • Hi Anthony, great to hear from you. How did you find us? We’ve only been live a week. Can’t believe you remember our novel, Soul Asylum! The asylum was Raven’s Retreat, where the name of our blog’s come from. We submitted it a few years ago. It was one of the nicest rejection letter we’ve ever received and we were thrilled to have it. We kept it. Soul Asylum’s so far, still unpublished, but we live in hope. We will definitely check out horrorreanimated, as we’re always on the look out for new publishers to harass. We’ve mostly been sending work to America, but there’s more competition out there, so we’re still waiting to be discovered. Any day now…

  2. Hey I just found your blog while I was searching for MCR (actually I wanted to know if I find my own blog cause I posted vampires will never hurt you^^) I like your blog 🙂 best Anika

    • Hi Anika. Thanks! Always great to chat to MCR fans. Hope you enjoyed International My Chemical Romance Day. We completely gorged ourselves on all things MCR. Vampires will never hurt you is a great song. We took a quiz on Facebook about what MCR song you are and we were identified as being that one, meaning we’re apparently very creative & love all things vampire, werewolf & other mythical creatures but possibly need to spend some time outside our heads. So true 🙂

  3. I actually think so too:P I have been looking around the internet for some time this week, and its really hard to find anything good to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too much of those around =) But this site actually keeps catching my attention:P Great stories, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits now =)

    • thank you so much Malik! We try our best to be entertaining though it’s mostly just us who laugh 😀 Reckon the blog’s got a lot better since we let our zombie character take over while we work on finishing his novel. We look forwards to your next visit 🙂

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  5. Just finished reading “Til Death Do Us Part” in the new issue of Dark Fire. I have been reading the e-zine for many moons now, but never have I encountered a tale quite like yours. Decadent, magical, passionate, thirsty, odd, gouging, icy … I probably sound like a critic, but I’m really just someone in awe.

    I’ve always been fascinated by mannequins. Whenever I’m walking through a department store (not terribly often), I’ll give each of them names and make up stories about them and how they got their modeling gigs. You seem to have perfected this craft. And the idea that creation can come through death – the accepted end – has always intrigued me as well. I thought the narrator was an artist of the purest form, uninhibited by the mundane norms of what is accepted within reality.

    Keep dreaming darkly, girls. Things that make most people squirm and leak in unexposed places will also make a few of us smile and skip when we go to check the mail. I’m sure you hardly need me to tell you that, though.

    Yours truly,

    Crowerd Robinson


    • Hey Crowerd. Thanks very much for your kind words. We love getting feedback on our work & we’re thrilled you enjoyed it. We’re really intrigued by you making up stories about mannequins – it sounds like a lot of fun. We’ll have to try it next time we see a mannequin. We usually make up stories about what people have in their rucksacks or briefcases – it ranges from diamonds to severed heads 🙂 We’d originally written the story for a bloody valentine anthology last year, but it wasn’t accepted so we decided to give Dark Fire a try and were successful on our first attempt. That never happens. We’d been playing around with the idea of someone not wanting to be alone on Valentine’s Day and thought it would be interesting if he killed his lovers so they could never leave him and the mannequins seemed an ideal way to keep them without having corpses stinking up the place 😀

  6. I’m undertaking something of the identical interest and will also be taking note on this .Appreciate it.

  7. Gday, I needed to ask you one thing. Is this a wordpress webpage? We are planning on shifting my web site from Blogger to wordpress, ya think this is feasible? Also did you create this particular template by yourself some how? Regards for the assistance!

    • hi, it’s a wordpress blog. We’re using a standard WordPress template and theme – you can choose different ones. It might be possible to create your template – WordPress has some useful help guides on things like that. As for shifting your web page, it should be possible, but not sure how to do that. Hope this helps.

  8. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

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  10. I’m browsing your website through Google Chrome and not all of the pictures is showing correctly. Were you aware of this?

  11. I’ve been back and forth with you ladies for a little while, and only now, I find out that we have all sorts of stuff in common, including “The Nightnare Before Christmas!” Love it! and Green Day! and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp!
    Great blog, Ravens! and great luck with “Gunning Down Romance”

    • Woo hoo! Thank you so much! 🙂 Nightmare Before Christmas is our all time favourite film. We watch it again and again and never get bored. We learned how to do our eyeliner by looking at pics of Green Day. Sad but true. And Johnny Depp! Where do we START? We’re hoping Tim Burton will one day turn one of our novels into a claymation. He has a cameo in it, just to tempt him. He HAS to do it – we’ve planned the action figures 😀

      • “The Nightmare before Christmas” is one of my favorites, but that the favorite spot is reserved for “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” 1970’s version. Although the version with Depp, directed by Burton is really, really good!
        So we need to start a letter campaign to Tim Burton….

        Dear Mr. Burton,

        Are you blind? You haven’t heard of these girls or their stories? You must be daft! hahahaha

      • LOL that’s a great idea! Though he’d probably put out a restraining order against us 😀

  12. […] Author Picture via C L Raven […]

  13. […] Author Picture via C L Raven […]

  14. Hey, I finally decided to check out your site, which I’ve bookmarked.
    Not a problem with those who disbelieve. At least you keep an open
    mind. Even though I’ve never seen a ghost, ghoul or whatever doesn’t
    mean they’re not out there. I have a Facebook page but, honestly, I
    haven’t been on it in quite sometime. If you come across it please do
    let me know, haha hehe. It’s great to make your acquaintance! You two
    have a mature, yet youthful, look. At 56 I’m neither youthful or mature.
    I do, however, feel everyday of 56. Four cervical neck ops and one lower
    back op will do that. Sorry, didn’t mean to get personal.
    Anyway, glad to meet you

    Gary W. Craig

    • hello! We are often asked for ID, which is funny because we’re 31, yet most people seem to think we’re still teenagers 😀 Which helps when we do things like play in children’s play parks 😀
      Wow, four cervical neck ops sound painful! And scary. It’s such a vital area, we’d hate for surgeons to go poking around there.

  15. Best Johnny Depp flick, at least to me, is “From Hell.”

    • we love that film too – we love anything to do with Jack the Ripper. Although the ending really annoys us. We just keep yelling “Mary Kelly dies in the end! She died the worst death!” Damn Hollywood 😀

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