Deadly Reflection

 Happy Halloween! As you can see, we’re Freddy Vs Jason this year. We went to Cardiff Castle yesterday for a ghost tour round the clock tower then we went into the secret tunnels and air raid shelters. Probably just as well, because we’re planning to take over Cardiff Castle during the Zombie Apocalypse so it’s good to have a recce beforehand. We were the ONLY adults dressed up. It was a poor effort from everyone. Only kids were dressed up. What is WRONG with people? Are they allergic to fun?

We were going to write a short story for our blog for today, but we forgot. And didn’t have much time because we redrafted The Black Kiss for Draven Ames’ blog, are in the middle of writing a short story, The Darkshines and are redrafting Scott the Zombie’s novel. So you can have a spooky poem instead.

Deadly Reflection.


“I’m your pain and misery.”

“Your eyes confess your agony.”

“I’m the symbol of your decaying hope,”

“I can’t explain what you evoke.”

“I’m your tortured hangman’s noose.”

“I can feel your soul’s abuse.”

“I’m what you crave when you feel remote.”

“Your deadly necklace adorns your throat.”

“I’m a shadow on your sanity.”

“You’re just a rotting effigy.

I fight with passion, live for love.”

“I’m what’s left when it’s not enough.

I’m the wound from which you bleed.”

“What you are I can’t conceive.”

“I’m the one that you don’t know.”

“Why d’you look so decomposed?”

“I have joined Death’s black parade

Free from life’s cruel masquerade.”

“What drove you to this final act?

To choose a route with no way back?”

“I’m your future, you’re my past.”

“You’re a reflection in the glass.”

“I’m your hate, your guilt, your sin.

I’m the monster that lurks within.”

“When did your heart go to its grave?”

“I’m your soul when the passion fades.”

“This mirrored gateway’s a murder scene.”

“I’m your voice when you can’t scream.

Your fractured mind will one day break.

This tragic fate you can’t escape.”

“You’re stained by all the tears you’ve cried.”

“I’m the end you won’t survive.”

“You have my face, yet I’m alive.”

“I’m your future suicide.”



This is Halloweek

Today’s got off to a great start! Our story, The Black Kiss has been published by our FB friend, Draven Ames on his fantastic blog Just a word of warning – it’s graphic, erotic & there’s a lot of blood. All at the same time. So if you’re not a fan of the red stuff, or sex scenes, maybe read it though your fingers. But as it’s Halloweek, you have to do something that scares you, right? Draven is posting a scary story on his blog every day this week, so make sure you read the rest of them. If you’ve never read a horror story, now would be a good time to start.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Mwahahahaaaaaaaa. Whoops. Mic’s still on 😀

Mind’s Eye

First, we want to wish My Chemical Romance’s album, The Black Parade, a very happy fifth birthday. We’ve told you a lot about how much this band and this album in particular has inspired us, so it deserves a mention.

We came up with an idea for a short story last night that we’re very excited about. It’s going to be dark, gloomy, full of despair and the odd funny line. Well, we’ll think it’s funny. If the images in our heads are a good indicator then it will be one of our best stories. Ok, it doesn’t have a lot of competition in that department, but still. At the moment it’s just a lot of random images and ideas but we’ll soon extract it. We just hope that when we’ve plucked them from our minds and splattered them over the screen that nothing gets lost in transition. We don’t want the beautiful images turned into Picasso paintings. But you know what removal men are like – they always smash the valuable pieces. When we write, we don’t see the words we’re writing, or sentence structure or any of the technical side, we just see the pictures. It’s like watching a film. We’re the same with reading, which is why generally we prefer the books to film adaptations. (The characters are way better looking in our heads.)


Afternoon nutritious brains! I come bearing good news – my Necromancers are redrafting my novel */* Wonder if I can get a new dance craze going. Move over Macarena, it’s time for The Zombie! Turns out, waiting until NaNoWriMo starts was too much for them so they decided to redraft my novel in the meantime. That’s the official party line. The truth is, a six month absence from me was too much for their little blackened hearts to bear. They can deny it all they want, but I can hear them giggling at my witty one-liners and falling in love with me all over again. Well who WOULDN’T? I’m dead sexy 😉

I’ve heard them promise that if that other novel (I won’t say it’s name) gets rejected, MY novel will be sent out. Personally, I think they should only concentrate on my novel, but they claim it has to be cut. As long as it’s Tyler’s bit that gets cut and not mine. Otherwise there will be a rebellion of apocalyptic proportions. I may be dead but damn it I can still start a rebellion. No-one wants a hungry, vengeance fuelled zombie on the rampage. I may look hot and trustworthy but I can tackle a screaming human and crack open skulls like nobody’s business.

Anyhoo, I am SO excited about my novel being redrafted. I bet the moment they send it out I’ll be receiving film offers, photographers and life art classes will be begging me to pose for them, my face will appear on t-shirts, merchandise, I’ll be the latest superhero (one that can’t die. Suck on THAT, bad guys), I’ll have my own comic, kids will want pics taken with me, girls will want me signing my name on their boobs, guys will dress like me… I’ll be the best thing to happen to zombies since George A Romero started making films. Hey, if anyone knows him, give him my number. He’d love to have me in his film. My asking rate is pretty low. £I million. Fine. Half a million. *groaning* fine! £1000 and I get to eat the cast’s brains afterwards.


ok, decision made. We’re doing NaNoWriMo. A very influential sock monkey by the name of Antoine told us to start the novel BEFORE November. Well, we do like breaking the rules… 😉 don’t worry, we’ll start in November 🙂

hell yeah!

Write Way

We’ve done it! Majesty of Darkness has been trimmed to a svelte 129K words, double checked for errors and submitted to a publisher */* (Must thank our wonderful tweep, @mousicorn for teaching us that little cheering person). We’ve never submitted it to a publisher before, only novel competitions and you all know how that turned out. The main reason for not submitting it, is the same for all our novels – they’re too damn long so we spend far more time cutting words than we did writing the damn things. But it’s done, so hopefully next year, we can say we’re published authors 🙂 How long d’you think Tim Burton will take to call and beg us to let him turn it into an animation? A week after publication? A year? How long should we keep him waiting before saying “hell yeah!” Ok, we know, it’s just a dream. But it’s not a bad one to have. We’ve promised our friend, Mish, a job with Burton, so it has to happen.

Now that MOD’s out the way, we’re at the typical loss of what to do. We actually took yesterday evening off to read, but if we’re not working on something, we get bored, which invites the darkshines to come and play. We have a quandary – NaNoWriMo starts next month and we’re wondering whether we should take part this year. We’ve never done it before – purely because we’re either already writing a novel when it starts, or in the middle of redrafting one. But this year, we’re wondering if we should join in. We have a novel in mind – Field of Screams, the short story which won Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition – and we know we’ll be able to hit the 50K word target. Fellow writers, don’t hate us for saying this, but we can usually writer a 15oK novel in 6 weeks. We have several advantages – sharing the workload, not having ‘proper jobs’ or kids to look after (which is harder than a proper job) and being plagued by burning desires to write which result in teenage style tantrums if we’re kept from the laptop for too long.

One reason we’re undecided, is that it doesn’t start for another two weeks. What the hell are we going to do for two weeks? We’ll go mad. There are some short stories which haven’t been worked on for a while, or we could always write more, but that won’t keep us out of mischief for long. We could always start redrafting another novel then wait ’til November’s over to pick it up again, or work on it while the other’s writing, but then that would cut into our FB time 😀 We’ll let you know what we decide. If you’re taking part, we wish you the best of luck and even if you don’t hit the 50K, whatever you write, you’re partway through your novel so be proud of that.

The End is Nigh

We’ve got one chapter to go before we’ve finished our redraft of our novel, Majesty of Darkness. Think this might be our seventh redraft. Possibly eighth. We don’t print out every redraft so we tend to lose count. When the novels are as long as ours tend to be, printing out every redraft would use a lot of paper and ink. Though those bulging manuscripts would be handy to fend off burglars. Even if we didn’t manage to brain them, we could always paper cut them to death. Yeah, that’d stop them *shaking MS menacingly*. As soon as we’ve finished, celebrated at how many words we managed to cut this time and done the tedious bit of formatting and re-checking for tiny mistakes, we’ll submit it. The checking for mistakes is very important, especially because we like to write our novels in fancy fonts, which aren’t always easy to spot mistakes in, so we then put it into TNR to double check. We know we’re making work for ourselves, but choosing a new font for a new novel is really exciting. When we used to write our novels long hand, we’d get excited by opening a new A4 notebook, choosing a pen and writing that first line. Now it’s opening a new folder and seeing it fill, chapter by chapter. It’s not quite the same, but it still thrills us.

We haven’t written a new novel since Scott the Zombie last August, so we’re looking forwards to starting a new one. We mostly just redraft the ones we’ve got, in a desperate attempt to get them to a publisher’s desired word count. We see first drafts as the skeleton of our work. Nothing special, but most of the important structure’s there. Then the next redrafts are putting flesh on the skeleton, so it resembles the image in your head. Then you realise your beauty is a little, well, flabby and needs to tone up. So you send it to word boot camp and whip it into shape until it’s trimmed, toned and ready to unleash it’s beauty on the catwalk. Or bookshelves. You just have to be careful you don’t get carried away and whip out a vital organ. Those things can be hard to put back in.