Visiting Times

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Here you’ll find the map when the good ship Raven sailed the seven seas and docked in various ports around the world in search of treasure, glory and the Black Pearl…in other words, here are the links of when we were guests on other people’s blogs.

December 15th 2011 – Lacey Wolfe interviews us for our first ever guest post in Welcome C L Raven.

March 21st 2012 – we share our first ghost hunting experience in Prison Break. on L K Jay’s Blog 

April 27th 2012 – we tell Sean and Dan Campbell how and why we write together A guest post by two ‘been there, done that’ siblings

July 13th 2012 – We talk all things fairytale to L K Jay Broken Fairytales

July 18th 2012 – We tell Lacey Wolfe why we wrote Disenchanted in Guest Post

July 19th 2012 – we share the time when we broke into our neighbour’s house on cat sitting duties on Anya Breton’s Trauma Llama blog 

September 3rd 2012. Cinta Garcia de la Rosa interviews us forMeet the Author

October 1st 2012 – we agreed to be on Anya Breton’s Monday Beauties Blog

October 2nd 2012 – we spill all to L K Jay about the time we visited Denbigh Asylum for real in Asylum Seekers  

October 3rd 2012 – Mason Strider writes a blog for Soul Asylum on M. Andrew Patterson’s blog

October 4th 2012 – we share our fire starter shame with Julie A Lindsey inWelcome to the Doubly Fabulous C L Raven

October 5th 2012 – we visit Cinta’s Corner for all things Soul Asylum and C L Raven

November 15th 2012 – we admit to being accidental arsonists on Anya Breton’s Trauma Llama blog

November 21st 2012 – we appeared on Richard Stephenson’s blog author interview 

December 6th 2012 – we confess to terrifying pedestrians in Anya Breton’s Trauma Llama blog 

December 26th 2012 – we wrote a 1000 word story for Elena Jacob’s ghost story challenge 

January 1st 2013 – we wrote a 1000 story for Rebecca Fisk’s 3 word challenge

April 11th 2013 – we were interviewed by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on Woman on the edge of reality

May 23rd 2013 – we reveal all about the disastrous time spent working in a school in Anya Breton’s Trauma Llama blog

February 6th 2014 – we tell Danielle Wrate why we took the romance out of February

April 13th 2014 – Lacey Dearie invites us to an abandoned castle in Ledgerdemain

April 18th 2014 – we talk to D.e.e.L about why we write horror in an Indie Interview

May 27th 2014 – we discuss factory farming in our artcile, Food for Thought on Sarah Kitsinis’s The M.I.C. blog

June 1st 2014 – we appear on the Oapschat website with our York article, Duchesses of York

September 8th 2014 – We’re interviewed by Elizabeth Dulcie on Elizabeth chats with…

September 23rd 2014 – We were interviewed by Peter Germany about writing and Calamityville Horror

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