Radio Times

Believe it or not, some brave souls have actually allowed us access to the airwaves. Here are the radio shows and podcasts we’ve been on:

Calamityville Horror Radio Interviews

We were interviewed by Kurt and Moe on NLPI Radio USA

We talked to Samantha Mason on PSH Radio

We were Shane and Mark’s first ever guests on their Phenemona Enema podcast

Kurt and Moe braved us a second on their new show, Beyond the White Noise

Kurt and Moe still haven’t learned their lesson and invited us back, this time to their vidcast, Beyond the White Noise

Kurt and Moe cancelled their paranews show to learn about our American adventures on their vidcast Beyond the White Noise

We spoke to Samantha Mason and Carl Hutchinson on PSH Radio about the time we met the guys from Ghost Adventures.

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