Wall of Fame

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This is our guestbook of all the lovely people who accepted their invite to come to Ravens Retreat.  Some of them may still still wandering the abandoned wing somewhere. At night, we can hear their cries for help 😀

Lacey Wolfe interviewed Skylar and Drew from Fool Me Once on December 30th 2011 and shared her thoughts on writing a series on March 2nd 2013


Julie A Lindsey shared her worst rejection on February 23rd 2012 and to spread some death by chocolate on April 9th 2012 She returned on September 23rd to Deceive us


L K Jay revealed a dating horror March 5th 2012 , ghost hunting stories on April 19th 2012 and returns with The Ghost Hunters Return on March 15th 2013


90 Days Novel duo Sean and Dan Campbell came to tell us about their 90 days novel project on May 3rd 2012 


Debut novelist Gena Mantz visited us on August 1st 2012 


Alpha Exposed Anya BretonAnya Breton brought some eye candy on October 9th 2012



Robert ZimmermanRobert Zimmerman shared his found poetry on December 2nd 2012

Tamsyn MurrayTamsyn Murray shared her vision of a Christmas Yet to Come on December 24th 2012

Cinta Garcia de la RosaCinta Garcia de la Rosa introduces Little Nani and shares tales of ostriches on May 16th 2013

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