Majesty of Darkness

We finished redrafting Director’s Cut! Found it hard for the first half of the book because of the nasty, debilitating attack of the darkshines. Usually we can escape our darkshines by writing, but not this time. This time, the demons won 😦 If we hadn’t written as teenagers we might not be here today. Or we might have gone the way of some depressed, suicidal teens and turned to drink or drugs, but we figured our heads were screwed up enough without adding substances to the mix. Plus we knew they wouldn’t help, they would just make the problem worse. So we wrote depressed, suicidal poetry and killed our demons in our stories 🙂 Considering we hadn’t even read Director’s Cut for three years, we actually didn’t change a lot. Rewrote some chapters and scenes and ended up taking out 3000 words. It will definitely need a few more redrafts though. Not sure many people will get the black humour in it. The humour’s along the lines of American Psycho, where it takes a couple of goes of watching before you realise it’s not to be taken seriously.

Normally after finishing redrafting one novel, we need a few days off novels before we start on the next one, but this time we’ve jumped straight back in with Majesty of Darkness. We need to cut 15,046 words from it to get it down to 130,000 words. Why must our books be so freakin’ long? Many of them can be around 200,000 words! We can write a 150,000 word novel in six weeks. Yeah, we’re demons 😉 Really love MOD. We just love the characters, the humour, the whole book is totally different to anything we’ve ever written. Now if we can get Tim Burton to turn it into an animation, we’ll die happy. We’ve already planned the action figures. And MOD – the Musical. Even wondered about writing lyrics to the songs that feature in the book. Don’t even know if it will work as a musical but Mod -the Musical sounds good not to make 😀 Ambition’s a good thing, right? Now we’re crap at drawing so will Tim sketch out the figures for us if we describe them to him? How much begging do you think he’ll take before he slaps a restraining order on us and gets us banned from being in a five mile radius of him, the studio and Hollywood itself?

We’ve found a website that want slogans and are willing to pay $50 per slogan :O so we’ve been coming up with some. Well, it keeps us off the streets and stops us tormenting teenage boys 😀 It comes to something when we could get $50 for one line of work but get $10 for a 4000 word story. So we’re drinking lots of Red Bull to keep us awake, alert and inspired. Genius does suffer without Red Bull. Why is it so much easier to rework song lyrics into lyrics about Red Bull than it is to do any other form of writing? We hear a song and immediately sing along to it changing the lyrics but we try to write poetry and…nothing. Red Bull is our muse. And about the teenage boy…well we saw a boy of about 12/13 standing in the Tesco lingerie aisle with his dad. His horrendous shaggy hair couldn’t hide the scarlet glow from his prepubescent cheeks. After a whispered plan of action, we turned around and decided to browse the lingerie aisle, just to make him squirm. Really wishing we’d help some against us and asked for his opinion. We know, we’re going to hell. But Karma then rewarded us by putting a hotty in our path. We loitered near him, pretending to be as interested in the quilts as he was then when we walked past him, he smiled at us! So we stalked him round Tesco. That’s what you’re supposed to do in supermarkets, right? Hunt out the things that take your fancy? Ok, we might still be going to hell but at least it will be warm there. We could write Satan’s autobiography. That’ll top the best seller list. Everyone loves a celebrity autobiography at Christmas 😀