Google It

We decided to join Google + today after getting an invite from our FB friend, Lisa. We have no idea what it’s about so at the moment we’re just having a wander, getting lost, bumping into things and running screaming from scary noises. Maybe we’ll just find a dark corner and sit there with our swords, just in case there are monsters lurking. It will probably take us ages to get the hang of it. We were on Twitter for months before we got the hang of it and as for LinkedIn, that’s a bit sophisticated for us, but we got an invite so we went along for a look. Like getting invited to a dinner party at a mansion and getting lost in the west wing.

It won’t surprise anybody to know we didn’t win the Yeovil Literary Prize. The clue is in the prize’s title. We couldn’t write literary if it strapped us to a laptop and threatened to ban Red Bull. But we’ve found a publisher we’d like to submit to, so as soon as Majesty of Darkness has been toned to a trim 130,000 words, we’ll send it off and cross our talons. The edit is going well – we’re hacking and slicing like writers possessed and are mostly managing our target of cutting 301 words per chapter. Now we’ve found the publisher, we’re excited about finishing it and submitting it.

We’re also getting really excited about Halloween, despite shops’ attempts to curb our enthusiasm by not putting their Halloween stuff out. They put their sodding Christmas stuff out, which is frankly ridiculous. Christmas is nowhere near as important, fun or cool as Halloween. All Christmas does is cause debt and misery, (no time for our anti-Christmas rant tonight) whereas Halloween is filled with all things spooky. So shops, listen, don’t put your Christmas stuff out ’til December, that way you have more room for the Halloween stuff. Come to the dark side. We have cookies 🙂