The Write Stuff

We’ve been busy writing as usual. If there was ever a day where we DIDN’T write we think the world might explode. So in an effort to be superheroes (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a suphero) we’ll keep going. The world will thank us one day. Or shoot us down, whichever comes first 🙂 We’re preparing to submit a six thousand word crime story to Bridgehouse called Razor and the Rosary inspired by a My Chemical Romance song as we love the imagery it conjures. High five to anyone who can quote the lyric, the song and the album it’s from. Our story centres around religious murders. We’ve also finished redrafting our young adult novel Daughters of Annwn. We’ve added in 24,000 words. Whoops. Reckon we’ll need to put that book on a New Years’ diet next time we look at it. We’ve also written a story for Writing Magazine’s retirement competition. Ours is about Van Helsing. We’re already casting either Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton or Kris Kristofferson in the role. He was great as Whistler in the Blade Trilogy. We’re also planning our story for Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition. This is the one we won last year and we’re determined to keep hold of our crown. It’ll be hard topping Field of Screams as it was so original but we’ll give it our best shot. We’re very competitive. We’re Type A personalities to the extreme. In fact, during a psychology lecture we all took a test to see if any of us were Type A’s. The score you had to get was 30. Nobody managed it except us. We scored 57 or 58. We were thrilled because it meant we not only beat them, we completely thrashed them. Guess the test was right 🙂

Now last year our New Years’ Resolutions were to submit 100 pieces of work and get 12 published. We submitted 103, had one published and several shortlisted. This year our goal is more simple. Have two pieces published. And try to match or better the 103 submitted. Wow, us being realistic about ambitions. Maybe we’re coming down with something 🙂

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