First we want to thank all our visitors to this blog and we really appreciate people taking the time to comment. Glad you managed to stay awake! We know, this isn’t the most enthralling blog you’ve ever read 🙂 Big thank you to those who visit more than once. We’re sure it’s to check whether Scott the zombie has eaten us yet (no he hasn’t, sorry about that).

After we successfully completed our submission mission of 100 pieces of work submitted in 2010 (we actually submitted 103 so we’re thrilled) we didn’t however, achieve our aim of 12 pieces of work published. In fact, we managed one. We had several shortlisted, but we weren’t aiming for shortlisted, though we get as much of a thrill from a shortlist as we do from publication. Always the bridesmaids… Wow, we failed worse than Frankenstein’s attempt to recreate man. So we have a plan. Ok, it’s not foolproof and knowing our penchant for accidentally setting fire to things, we probably shouldn’t even attempt this but god knows we need all the help we can get. We’ve dug out our The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. Even reading that it sounds like the recipe for disaster. Adding C L Raven to anything amounts to a recipe of disaster. We’ve chosen some simple success spells and plan to do them tonight or tomorrow. So if you no longer hear from this blog, you know the Fates aligned to stop us in our dastardly spell casting tracks. We’ve taken heed of the warning at the front – beware the power of three. Now, we know we failed Maths and numbers send us in to a state of panic and brain meltdown but by our calculations – Success spell x 3 = world domination.

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