When will I be famous?

The answer is…next month! Hey scrumptious brains, it’s Scott! I am SO excited! My Necromancers sent the first three hundred words of my novel to Writing Magazine for a critique by James McCreet – the editor, Jonathan Telfer has emailed them saying they will be using it in the March issue! 🙂 He loved it and said James seemed to like it too so they’re obviously on the right lines, keep going. Now not to sound egotistical and all that jazz but this wouldn’t have happened without me. They can glare themselves to wrinkles all they like but the fact is I’M going to propel them to superstardom. ME. None of their other characters have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or will appear in the magazine. Ok, Connor and Ceri from Field of Screams have already appeared but we’ll forget about them. Those wannabees crop up in my book. I’m not best pleased. Connor thinks he’s such a comedian.

Now do you think they’ll send a photographer around? I’d better visit Mort for some embalming just in case. And the tanning salon. Now Tyler features in the extract but I’m keeping it quiet from him. The photographers will take one look at him with his hotty living status and push me aside. If Tyler was so wonderful he’d have his own book. But he doesn’t. He’s just my sidekick. He can pout and swear all he likes, it’s true. I should buy a new zombie slogan t-shirt to celebrate. Now where did my Necromancers leave their credit card…


  1. Ooh, Scott, you will soon be mega-famous! I’m looking forward to seeing you in your new t-shirt, but I’m not sure if you need a tan – pale and interesting seems to be more you, somehow…

    • why thank you Margaret! You’re right, maybe I should stick with pale and interesting. All these salon trips are a drain on my resources. And I somehow don’t come out looking like I’ve spent a week in the Maldives 😦 I must nag my Necromancers about making their Scott the Zombie t-shirts. They made a start then got sidetracked. I refuse to be ignored! Fondest wishes, Scott x

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