A Good Send Off

FINALLY managed to wrestle Scott off this thing. Sorry about that. You probably prefer his blogs – we know we do 😀 But we actually have some writing news we want to share. After last year’s massive 103 submission mission, we figured if we want to beat that, we have to send 4 pieces of work off a month and until the day before yesterday, our count stood at a pathetic 0. But that’s all changed. First we submitted a crime story, Razor and the Rosary to Bridgehouse Publishing’s crime anthology. We actually wrote the story for a Honno crime anthology 3 years ago and got nowhere then just left it languishing on the computer ’til we dug it out again and realised WHY it didn’t get anywhere – it was crap. WAY too preacy against religion and the religious characters came across as total whackjobs, so we’ve cut all that out and hopefully, have got a better story.

We then submitted our Gothic Snow White, Girl All the Bad Guys Want (title of a Bowling for Soup song) to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. We actually didn’t do any revision on that one ‘cos it’s only just been rejected from the Twisted Fairy Tales anthology. The third story we’ve submitted was Deadly Reflections, a supernatural story about the perils of vanity. It’s been rejected a whopping 8 times so far in its life, so we’re hoping it’s 9 time’s the charm. That is how the saying goes, right? 😉

We’re now working on our potential 4th story to be submitted either tonight or tomorrow. It’s called ‘Til Death us do Part and is about a guy called Trey who has discovered that his work as a reconstruction artist can be used to make his lovers stay with him forever. We’re glad we’re single because Trey is a truly dark and twisted individual. Oh wait, we created him 🙂 We originally wrote it for a Love Kills anthology for Pill Hill but as usual, it got rejected 😦 it would’ve been PERFECT for the collection but like us, it failed to get a date for Valentine’s Day.