Most Haunted

We went to the Skirrid Inn in Llanvihangel Crucorney yesterday with Cat’s boyfriend, Ryan. The name comes from the legend that the mountain nearby was split in two by a lightning bolt. Skirrd means split.

L - r Lynx, Ryan, Cat

It’s an amazing inn that has been around since 1110. Bloody Judge Jeffreys used it as his courthouse (this is now 3 bedrooms) and they used to hang people from a beam above the stairs. Halfway up the stairs was the condemned cell, which is now a storeroom. The landlord was really friendly and let us go upstairs to have a look around. He said if we’d been there earlier, he would’ve let us seen inside the rooms, but the guests had already arrived. The front door is the original front door and the mounting steps outside were used by Kings of England & Princes of Wales. It’s also the spot where Owain Glyndwr was rallying his troops to lead them in the rebellion against the English.

The condemned's cell

We plan to stay overnight & take a camcorder with us, to make a short film. It has to be a ghost story. We’re also going to send the characters from Raising the Dead there in the sequel novel, which will be called When the Dead Awaken. It would make the perfect setting for a ghost novel.

We also made two friends for life – ok, one was a bay pony we met in the field opposite the inn and the other was a black cat that accosted us in the inn’s car park, but still. It’s lovely when the locals are so welcoming and friendly. Another bonus for the Skirrid Inn (as if it needed any more) is that it sold Smirnoff Ice and Red Bull. That’s the sign of a good pub. We saw the Red Bull on a shelf above the bar, in a plastic tube. Like a diamond in an alarmed case 😀 Oh and we signed the visitor’s book, so if you go there, look up 25/7/11 and you’ll see us. We even did our C L Raven signature. You never know, in a hundred years when we’re dead famous, that signature will be fawned over by people with nothing better to do 😀 We’re now very excited about spending the night. Isn’t spending the night in a haunted inn at the top of everyone’s bucket list? Hang 'Em High


  1. loved the article – have looked up the directions and I am planning a visit myself!!

    • thanks Sheila! Glad we inspired you to go. You’ll have to tell us how you got on & post pics 🙂

  2. Make sure you record your voices on this tape – I wanna hear your accent!

    • LOL ok. But we reserve the right to delete us 😀

  3. OH, and btw, weelisa = Lisa Dee

  4. It was great to see you so excited about the visit. Glad you enjoyed it. Will come with you for a drink one day.

    • cool! You’ll love it there. It’s so pretty and we can introduce you to the pony and cat we befriended 🙂

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