Join the Black Parade

In case you didn’t know, today is one of the best days of the year – International My Chemical Romance Day! We’ve been celebrating by posting their songs to our Facebook & Twitter pages & listening to all four of their albums. We also made cakes. *pointing to pics.*

Lost in coma & covered in cake

Welcome to the Black Parade

Before you say anything, yes we know the bunting around the Black Parade float is red, but vegans can’t have red food colouring, so we had to have pink. And yes, those figures aren’t MCR, but they are from Gerard’s comics, The Umbrella Academy, so we thought they were fitting.

We also went to Grosmont and Skenfrith castles, which are near Monmouth. That has nothing to do with IMCRD but getting lost meant we were able to listen to all four albums on the journey. In perfect timing, ‘Blood’ from The Black Parade album finished just as we pulled into our drive.

This is a link to our favourite MCR song Welcome to the Black Parade. The video is amazing and is the inspiration behind the Soul Patrol in our novel, Majesty of Darkness. MCR have influenced a lot of our writing. In their song The End, there’s the line ‘you’ve got front row seats to the Penitence Ball’ so we wrote a poem called Penitence Ball, about our vision of what it was. We even performed it at a poetry reading. We always put MCR songs in our books. Their songs just have so many inspirational messages in them. They’re albums that we play if we’re depressed, angry, or happy, cos if we’re down, they pull us out of the darkshines & if we’re happy, they boost that happiness. Every day should be International MCR Day.