The Ghost of You

Castell Coch

We’ve felt so bad about our lack of blogging and just leaving you with a quick mention about Deadly Reflections, so to make up for it, this is what we’ve been doing – spending time in Real Life. We went to Castell Coch *pointing left* yesterday. We haven’t been there for a few years, plus it’s featured in our ghost hunting novel, Raising the Dead, which we’re currently redrafting, so it seemed fitting. Spookily, in one of the chapters we’ve just redrafted, the characters talk about the three Fates. In Castell Coch’s drawing room, are the Fates, above the fireplace. We got very excited when we saw them. Little things…

We’re also planning on doing a ghost hunt. Purely for research for Raising the Dead 😉 Research is so boring 😀 We’ve always wanted to do one, so figured rather than it being one of those things we never get round to doing, we’d grab life by the throat and sign up. We just have to decide where we’re going. We’d love to go to Margam Park, or Ruthing Gaol. Or Bodmin Gaol. Or any castle. As long as it’s spooky, we want to go there. It’s strange in the fact that as much as love ghosts, ghost hunting and the paranormal, we don’t actually believe in it. Yet we REALLY want to see a ghost. Not just feeling cold or hearing noises, we want poltergeist activity, people running off screaming, for the ghost to leave no doubt in our minds they exist. Even though we don’t believe. So if there are any ghosts out there who are so bored you’re reading this, do us a favour and show up. Make us be afraid. Be very afraid. Mwhahahahaha.

We were the inspiration for the troll in The Three Billy Goats Gruff