Memento Mori

Our short ghost story, Memento Mori, is on our Tweep, Elena Jacobs’ blog! Her blog’s called Ravenheart, which is perfect. asked if we’d be interested in writing a 1000 word ghost story, with a deadline of 6 days. We thought about it for all of one minute before saying yes. We had no idea what we were going to do & were already working on 4 other short stories, but we couldn’t turn down a ghost story challenge.

We started it on the Monday, the deadline was midnight on Friday & our chief beta reader (our mum) had an eye operation on Tuesday so couldn’t even read it for us until Friday morning. We had to print it out in size 16 for her & she wore her pirate eye patch we’d bought her, so she could read with one eye. What a trooper.

We were racking our brains for all the episodes we’ve done on Calamityville Horror, for inspiration then we remembered the legend of Tregaron, a small Welsh village. The village still exists, but the old village, apparently now sits below a lake, Llyn-y-Maes. If you want to know why, read our story. Oh & follow Elena on Twitter @ElenaJacob because she’s awesome.

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