Short and Sweet

We’re pleased to announce the writer’s block we suffered from has lifted! We have NaNoWriMo and Bleeding Empire to thank for that. Since finishing Bleeding Empire, we’ve been working on our short stories again. We’re releasing Bad Romance, the follow-up to Gunning Down Romance, on Valentine’s, so we figured we’d better get cracking with the stories. We’d already written two – one about a troll who targets dating sites and one about a ghost bride, but they were written during our block and are quite frankly terrible. So bad, we had two choices – rewrite them or chain them up on in a box and bury them in rock salt. And we need to save our rock salt for when the demons come. So we’ve rewritten the ghost bride one and are shelving the troll one for Romance is Dead. Now to think of the third one…must contain horror and humour. Because we find gore amusing 😀 We’re twisted like that.

We’re also trying our hand at YA. Dark Moon Digest, who published The Ferryman in January 2012, emailed asking if we’d be interested in writing a YA story for a special YA issue of their horror magazine. We said yes and immediately had one in mind. Has anyone played the horror game Slender? It’s free to download and well worth a go. It’s scary. Basically you’re in the woods at night with a torch and you have to collect 8 pages whilst avoiding the Slender Man, a creepy faceless man in a suit who stands there looking terrifying. Oh and partway through, your torch dies. So far, our highest page count is 4. We tend to get lost in the woods. But if you’ve seen Calamityville Horror, that won’t surprise you. Our plan of action with the game is to panic when we see him, run in the opposite direction, get lost then accidentally run into him. Like. A. Boss.

Then we were challenged by Rebecca Fisk to write a story that had to include 3 words she gave us – blackjack, braid and cistern. Totally random. But we love a challenge and within a few hours, had a 1000 word story. We won’t spoil it by revealing what it’s about, you’ll have to wait for her blog. We had no idea what we were going to write, even up to the point where we’d opened the Word document. Staring at the blinking cursor kicked the muse awake and the story was born. Then on Sunday one of our Tweeps, Elena Jacob asked us and some other people to write a 1000 word ghost story for her blog. The deadline is Friday. Most of them said they didn’t have time. We said “we’ll do it!” And we did. In fact, within 2 hours, we’d written it. It’s a crossover of two very old Welsh ghost stories involving sunken villages. Usually we like to do several redrafts and give a story time off so we can come back to it objectively, but at least at 1K it doesn’t take long to redraft so we should have it whipped into shape by Friday. And if it sucks…we’ll just change our name 😀


  1. Glad the stories are flowing again:)

  2. Ohh, sunken villages – that sounds really interesting. And The Slender Man sounds good as well – although I did like the sound of the troll, I think you should keep that idea on the boil as I’d like to read what you’d do to an internet troll. I hope it would hurt!

    • oh yeah it hurts 😀 That one needs a lot more work – probably a rewrite, but at least it means we already have one for Romance is Dead. Hopefully The Slender Man one will be accepted, though the deadline’s not ’til April, so we’ve got plenty of time to work on it. And complete the game!

  3. Whee! Oh man. I’m so excited to read “my” short story!

  4. holy crap, I’m so jealous! Glad you’re over the block

    • thanks 🙂 we’re trying to write as much as possible before another comes.

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