Brain Food

It’s official. We’ve started writing Scott the Zombie’s Cookbook (working title). He came up with the idea in his last blog and badgered us until we gave in. Zombies can be very persistent. And scary if you say no. So we spent the weekend going back through his novel to find all the brain meals we’d used and writing them down. We’ve written an introduction, a couple of pages about the different sections of brain, so you know to pick the right part for the meals then we’ve divided the book into sections – meals, party food, camping and desserts and written title pages for them all with a brief passage from Scott. We’ve just started the blurb and will also do an acknowledgements page. Being vegan has never seemed so restricting – we have no idea about cooking meat or what meals would be ideal to substitute meat for brains. Luckily we have amazing FB friends who not only know how to cook, but who are as enthusiastic about this project as we are.

We were discussing it with Cat’s boyfriend, Ryan and one of his colleagues, telling them we’d spent the afternoon planning a zombie cookbook. Ryan’s colleague wished he’d spent the afternoon doing that and came up with a great suggestion – head fondue. Hollow out a human head, fill it with chocolate and dip pieces of brain and cheese into it. Seems everyone, even IT geeks enjoy a good zombie inspired recipe. We’ve pulled our old cookbooks out of the cupboard (when we say old, we mean they were published in the 70s when not everyone owned a freezer) and made a list of the ones we want. We also went out to the pub with  Ryan & grabbed a menu. Got a couple of good ideas off it then Ryan’s step-dad asked what we were doing. Our reply? “We’re writing a zombie cookbook, so need ideas for meals.” Then we told him some of our ideas. Yeah. We need to brush up on our social skills. Ryan’s sister’s boyfriend was also there. Luckily they’ve met us plenty of times before so know this is a fairly normal response from us. Then we got into a discussion about brains and the best way to cook them. Isn’t that what everyone discusses on a Saturday evening in their local?