Hotty Heaven

Each week we’ve been enjoying Anya Breton’s hotty pics on her blog. After a dare from her, Ryan Burt has bravely compiled a list of his ten man crushes. We have a feeling there are many more he’s just not admitting to. So now we’re taking on the challenge. Feast your eyes on these beautiful specimens of manly perfection. These are in no particular order. And please don’t drool over the keyboard. While you’re enjoying them, we shall be smearing them in melted chocolate. Nomnomnomnom.

Johnny Messner. Was in Tears of the Sun and Killer Instinct. Check out his voice. So sexy.





Thomas Dekker. Adam in Secret Circle. Sexy voice and at times looks like he wears eyeliner. And you know we find that attractive on a guy.




Omari Hardwick and Logan Marshall Green. Ty Curtis & Dean Bendis in Dark Blue. They tie because we seriously can’t decide who’s hotter. Every episode we have this debate.





Theo James. He played Jed Harper in the ghost drama Bedlam, which was set in a mental asylum that had been converted into flats. We want to live there! With Theo 🙂





 Jason Tovey. Dragons rugby player (hopefully soon to be Cardiff Blues player). He’ll be easier to stalk when he’s in our city 😉





Jensen Ackles. Plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural. He can slay our demons any day 😉





 Shemar Moore. Morgan in Criminal Minds. Talk to me baby girl.



 My Chemical Romance. Yeah they’re all in there. They are our gods and we love their minds as much as their faces.




 Johnny Depp. Well, after spending days discussing him being covered in chocolate with Anya and Ryan, it’d be rude not to include him. And he’s deliciously quirky. He’s also a rare breed – one of the few guys we would date when he has long hair. The only other members of this group is MCR.





Wentworth Miller. Played Michael Schofield in Prison Break and has been our obsession ever since.

Have your hearts recovered from this sight?