Day of the Dead

St. Lythans burial chamber

We’ve finished redrafting Majesty of Darkness. It now stands at 160,141 words. Hmm. Might need a little trim. Get in the gym, MOD! 🙂 We’ve finished editing Raising the Dead, but are still implementing the changes onto the laptop, so we don’t know what the word count is now. We’re not hopeful about hitting our 150,000 target, but we’ll see.

Speaking of RTD, we’re planning its sequel, When the Dead Awaken. By planning we mean we’ve got a list of haunted places in Wales and are visiting them so our characters can visit them in the book. We’ve been to St. Lythans burial chamber (have no idea if it’s haunted, but we found it on our map and had to go see it) St. Donat’s castle, but it’s not open to the public and Boverton Place. Boverton is supposedly haunted by Wissi, the wife of King John, who exiled her there and she starved to death. We can’t go longer than two hours without food! But she still loved him deeply. Yeah, what a prince. She’s apparently been seen wandering the grounds in mourning clothes. Wow, if we ever became ghosts, people would think we’re in mourning clothes, seeing as we always wear black. We didn’t see Wissi, but Boverton’s beautiful. We’d love to live there. Even though it’s ruins, you can still see the majestic place it must’ve been all those years ago. Now it’s just as decayed as the people who died there.

Boverton Place

Inside Boverton Place