St. David’s Day

St. David's Day, Soul AsylumHappy St. David’s Day! To celebrate, Soul Asylum is FREE! A gothic novel set in North Wales, by Welsh authors and a Welsh cover designer. There’s so much Welshness sheep are magically appearing everywhere and dragons are perching on rooftops. So get Soul Asylum exclusively from Smashwords here and enjoy a free entry into a Welsh asylum. If that hasn’t enticed you, watch the trailer here done for us by Fireclaw Films. Still not convinced? Join us at the launch in Cathays Cemetery here.

The Saints are coming.

We have a special announcement to make – we’re quitting the writing business and taking up bank robbing. The pay is great and if we fail, we’ll have free board. Only kidding. Though our psychologist has asked us to work on a Plan B if/when the writing fails, and so far, this is our top suggestion. Admittedly, it’s not a great one, but we’ve been too busy to come up with a more workable plan.

On Friday it’s St. David’s Day in Wales and we want to celebrate it. We’re not sure how the other countries in the UK celebrate their patron saints’ day, (apart from St. Patrick’s Day when suddenly everyone is Irish and Guinness is drunk aplenty) but here in Wales, St. David’s Day is huge. There are Eisteddfod’s held all over the country and Cadw allows you free entry into every castle. In school, Eisteddfods are celebrated by dividing the whole school in four ‘houses’, usually red, blue, green and yellow. In primary school, we were in green house, in high school we were in blue. For some reason in primary school, red house had way more members than any other house, so always won. We suspected cheating was afoot. Everyone then does stuff that earns them points for their house, such as winning competitions involving drawing, writing, putting on plays, etc. In high school in year 7, we wrote and put on a comedy sketch involving Cinderella and Daz washing powder. There was also glitter. We don’t think we won. We blame the stuffy establishment. Plus our main competition had girls dressed in skimpy outfits. We never stood a chance. Originality and humour just can’t compete with short skirts and boobs, no matter how boring their performance was.

Anyhoo, so to celebrate St. David’s Day and to keep in with Cadw’s free castle entry scheme, we’re going to give everyone free entry into a Welsh asylum. No, we’re not committing you (we tried, they wouldn’t let us), we’re going to give away Soul Asylum FREE on Smashwords. It’s a book set in Wales, by Welsh authors, with a Welsh cover designer. It couldn’t be more perfect. It will only be free on Smashwords, not Amazon, seeing as when we tried to make Gunning Down Romance free on their site for National Short Story Week, they refused to join in with the festivities. And seeing as the book is hardly flying off the shelves, we might as well give it away. If you already have it, feel free to download it and pass it on to a friend.

So help us celebrate St. David’s Day by supporting poor, talentless Welsh authors before we end up in a Welsh asylum like Phineas Soul. But remember – night is when the screaming starts.