Cover up

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Well we’ve been waiting excitedly anyway. Soul Asylum’s cover is finished! And we will be revealing it you now, LIVE! We’d played around with different effects in Gimp and decided we wanted it in negative with flames. But we couldn’t do the flames so we handed the project over to Ryan of Fireclaw Films, who did Gunning Down Romance’s stunning cover and Disenchanted’s book trailer for us. We’re so glad we did! He did several versions until we found the one we were happy with and even did our own unique text because the text we wanted to use was hard to read. We can’t wait to hold the book, stroke it, kiss it and take it to bed as we won’t be putting it down.

We’ll shut up now. Here it is! *clapping like demented seals* Ryan, we can’t thank you enough! In a show of gratitude, we promise not to put a cold can of Red Bull down your back for an ENTIRE DAY! That’s how happy we are 😀

Soul Asylum book cover by Fireclaw Films