Monstrous Productions

Last night we went to see a production of Mort by a local theatre group, Monstrous Productions. They perform Terry Pratchett plays to raise money for alzheimer’s. Mort was the first Pratchett book we read and it’s one of our favourites, so as soon as we heard, we booked tickets. It turned out, we were the first people to book! It was held in the Gate Arts Centre on Keppoch Street, in Roath, Cardiff, which is a converted church. It is a beautiful venue with pews as seats which surround the stage.

We went with Ryan, but also met up with our mate, Tom and his friends. To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. This was going to be our first local production – we usually go to the New Theatre, or sometimes the Sherman Theatre, so we were intrigued. We re-read Mort at the beginning of this month to refresh our memories. We used to be able to remember every book we’ve ever read, but our memories have got worse and reading Mort was like reading it for the first time.

Mort was fantastic. It started with the market scene, so all the actors were milling around the stage then they came into the audience to persuade them to buy their wares. It was hilarious watching how different audience members reacted. We were offered dubious sounding hotdogs, which may or may not have contained unicorn meat, which is probably safer than horse meat, because at least you could burp rainbows 😀  We tried unsuccessfully to lure the prostitute towards Ryan, who was completely oblivious to our dastardly plan.

The actors portrayed the characters more or less how we imagined them in the book. Death, played by Matthew Churchill was outstanding. His make-up was incredible. We were a little disappointed Binky didn’t make an appearance, but flying horses are hard to come by and we imagine health and safety have something to say about horses in a church.

The performances were faultless and everyone looked to be having a lot of fun. Craig Harper, who played Mort, succeeded in matching Death’s booming voice. He was brilliant as Mort, even if he only has one knee per leg. The three hours flew by. We could have watched them perform the book in its entirety and not got bored, which is quite a feat, as we’re easily distracted. The Discworld Series has a lot of books and we hope Monstrous Productions perform many more plays. We will definitely go to every one if they do.

After the play, a random man accosted us in the corridor and asked if we were auditioning for Wyrd Sisters. We said although we are indeed weird sisters, we don’t act 😀 He then dragged us into the bar where some of the cast were and told us we had a magical glow about us. We said said that was our Red Bull haze. We glow from the inside out. Like fireflies. Philip Jones, who played the hotdog seller and Igor came up to us and thanked us for coming. He was lovely so we chatted to him for a while.

We cannot wait until their production of Wyrd Sisters. We haven’t read that book yet but it is now top of our to buy list. Our only complaint – we have to wait til November to see it!

If anyone is interesting in performing or being part of the crew, then email Auditions begin in March.


Mort – Craig Harper

Death – Matthew Churchill

Albert – Matthew Hitchman

Ysabell – Laura Kendrick

Cutwell – Richard Atkinson

Princess Keli – Jordan Goodwin

Rincewind & various – Nick Dunn

Mrs Keeble – Steph Jezewski

High Priest & various – Sam Steele

Landlady & various – Emily Peat

Igor & various – Philip Jones

Maid & various – Lowri Belson

Abbott & various – Michael Fogg

Goody Hamstring – Jessica Matthews

Lezek & various – Edward Duke

Various – Alex Butterworth

Various & costume – Luke Belson

Various & stage-hand – Sana Malik


Director – Amy Davies

Assistant Director – Edward Thomas

Production Manager – Hannah Bennett

Costume – Daniel Frost

Make-up – Sarah-Jayne Miche;

Lighting – Isobel Howe

Sound – Sian Llewellyn

Photography & stage-hand – Dai Howell