Sorry for all the posts lately, it’s been a busy time with the release of Deadly Reflections and taking part in the treasure hunt. But today we’re giving you THREE Halloween treats. No trickery involved.

The first treat is a Halloween flash fiction we wrote for Eve Jacob’s blog. We had the idea after visiting the Edinburgh Dungeons, but didn’t have a chance to write it. So when Eve asked for Halloween flash fiction, we knew this was our chance. It’s called House of Wolves and follows Ripley and Tristan as they visit a haunted house attraction on Halloween and find that some monsters are real. Read it here.

Our second treat is a crazy/awkward interview we did with Anya Breton. Find out what we think of robots, which of our characters we’d like to bring to life and that wouldn’t be such a good idea. Check it out here.

And our third and final treat is from L K Jay, our fellow ghost hunter. Her ghost story, The Listening Post is FREE today and tomorrow. Who doesn’t love a ghost story on Halloween? Download it here UK    USA

And here’s a random picture of our pumpkins.051



Ghost Punting

CambridgeIt’s been a while since we went ghost hunting with fellow writer L K Jay and Cambridge had been planned since last year so this weekend we finally managed to meet up and travel to Huntingdon. It’s three and a half hours from Cardiff, which meant waking at an ungodly hour – 5:45 a.m. It should be illegal to be up at that hour. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad, if we hadn’t still been awake at 2:00 a.m. The week before any trip will always be a bad week for sleeping, due to pre-trip/packing anxiety. We’re pretty sure it was Red Bull driving General Pinkinton. Either that or we’re great at driving whilst asleep 😀 When we stopped at the Services, some guy shouted “I like your suspenders!” at Cat – she was wearing bright orange and black stripy tights. We refused to acknowledge him, so he kept shouting it then he and his mate stood way too close behind us on the escalator. One centimetre closer and we would’ve kicked them back down the escalator. We try to avoid human contact and being space invaded by strangers is the fastest way to having our fists lodged in your oesophagus. Listen dickwads – if you are too stupid to realise that suspenders are a belt worn around the waist to hold up stockings and are not in fact tights, then we are not even going to waste the energy it would take to flip you the bird. These guys are the reason the Eugenics debate still rages.

Then the junction we wanted to get to Huntingdon was closed because of an accident. The entire stretch of road was blocked off, leading to us being diverted. Somehow we still managed to get there. After arriving in Huntingdon, we dumped our stuff, grabbed our cameras then caught the bus to Cambridge. We were fascinated by the weird bus road – it was a specialised bus route with strips of road separated by large rectangular gaps filled with weeds and grass. We thought perhaps the council couldn’t afford to fill in the road properly, but it turns out they were car traps to prevent cars from using the road. On our journey we passed fields owned by Ministry of Defence. One of the fields had cows in it. So we concluded that a herd of cattle is actually protecting our country. They must be some kind of super soldier. We have to congratulate them – it’s a great disguise. It will totally fool any enemies.

016As we got to King’s College in Cambridge, we saw students in their mortar boards and gowns. It was graduation day, which meant we couldn’t get into any of the colleges to do some ghost hunting. L K Jay’s an ex Cambridge graduate so her Cam card is like a key to the city, but today they’d changed the locks. We always manage to visit a place on the same day that some big event is on that we didn’t know about it. It’s a gift. There was also a scavenger hunt, so there were runners clutching maps trying to fight their way through the crowds. We were tempted to tackle one of them and steal their map so we could navigate through the crowded streets, but we didn’t fancy our chances of outrunning them.

Then as we reached a section of shops, we heard a fire alarm blaring. Everyone was being evacuated. A little while later when we returned, the road was closed off and there was a fire engine parked up. It turned out to be a bomb scare.

We definitely picked a fine day to visit.

008We visited a haunted bookshop, which is haunted by a little girl whose presence is always detected with the scent of violets. The bookshop is tiny and smells of old books. We would have liked to stay there for a while, but you could only really get three people in there comfortably, so we didn’t have the room to explore properly. We went to see a haunted photography shop, where people have seen a ghost standing on the stairs. We made our way to Peterhall, the oldest college in Cambridge. There used to be a shadowy figure that lurked above the gate. Anyone who saw it supposedly committed suicide. Priests performed an exorcism in the 1960s and there haven’t been any sightings or suicides since. Right by Peterhall was a hidden graveyard. Naturally we explored it.

021As we were in Cambridge, we had to have the full experience, so booked to go on a punt ride. You can hire the punts and control them yourself, but that sounded like a recipe for disaster, so we decided the safest thing for everyone would be to have a guide. We didn’t bring a change of clothes, so didn’t particularly want to end up in the Cam, delighting the other tourists. Our guide, Max, was great and told us lots of interesting facts about the bridges and the colleges. The whole time we were there, we were desperate to see someone fall into the Cam (don’t judge, we know we’re bad people) and on the way back, we got our wish. Well, Cat did. She was lucky enough to witness a man falling off the punt into the river 😀 We’re hoping the camcorder captured the momentous occasion, but if it didn’t, there’s plenty of footage of ducks and geese for you to enjoy.

CambridgeIn the evening we went on a ghost walk around the city. Cambridge has a lot of ghosts so we didn’t get to hear about all of them. During the Black Death, Cambridge’s priests were dying and the townspeople were terrified that without a priest, the dead’s souls would be at unrest. So they built a college to train more priests. It was a spooky building and is apparently haunted by Reverend Butts (no laughing at the back). He hanged himself and was found by one of the choir boys, with his dog lying beneath him, apparently waiting for help to arrive, rather than fetching help. There’s now a statue of the dog. Though to be fair, our boys also would have sat there, rather than gone for help. The cats would eat us. It’s also haunted by a man and woman. He was a student, she was the daughter of someone important (it’s been a tiring time, so forgive our bad memories). They’d met for a clandestine tryst in her room. When her father came home, she stashed her lover in the linen press. Her father told her they were going on holiday to their country home, her bags had been packed and the carriage was waiting. The college was then locked over the holidays. Three weeks later, she returned home and when she opened the linen press, her rotting boyfriend fell into her arms. There wasn’t a handle on the other side. She died not long later and her father went against her wishes and buried her away from her lover. But their ghosts now meet up at night and walk hand in hand until dawn when they go to their different churchyards. The guide thought it a romantic story. Yes, we also find the idea of your decomposing boyfriend falling into your arms highly romantic. Mills and Boon is filled with that sort of stuff.

075Turned out, near where that college stands, used to be a ditch to protect the city. It soon got filled with rubbish, rotten food and you guessed it, bodies. Then they filled it in. We were basically standing on a giant grave. And some of the houses are now sinking into the ditch. Can’t help thinking someone should’ve drawn the ditch on a map years ago. Then just to add to the random things that seemed to stalk us in Cambridge, our bus out got held up by someone being put in the back of an ambulance. It seems we might have jinxed this historic city.

On our way home we seemed to drive right into the storm that is heading for the UK tonight. Pinky is not good in high winds. He was like a pink pinball being buffeted along the motorways. Crossing motorway bridges or passing lorries turned a normal drive into a fairground ride. A weekend of accidents, ghost hunting, people falling into rivers and a bomb scare. Cambridge will definitely not be forgotten!050

Ghost Hunting

We’re thrilled to welcome L K Jay back to Ravens Retreat. Well, we say welcome back, we never actually let her out the last time 😀 But this time, she’s bearing gifts! Her sequel to The brilliant Ghost Hunters Club, The Ghost Hunters Return is FREE on Amazon this weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to spend the weekend ghost hunting with three fun, feisty ladies, this is the book for you. And it’s FREE! We’ve had the privilege of visiting a couple of places that are featured in the book, with L K, so now you get to enjoy them too. Here’s L K to tell you more about it.

L K JayThe Ghost Hunters Return

Have you seen the new Star Trek film?  How about Iron Man 3?  What have they got in common with my novel The Ghost Hunters Return?  They’re all sequels only mine’s better.  Ok, so my Ghost Hunters Club stories don’t have Benedict Cumberbatch in them, or Robert Downy Jr but for this weekend, it is free.  And it’ll last longer than even The Hobbit, and that’s saying something.

Anyway, after the first novel in the sequence, The Ghost Hunters’ Club, I left my heroines all with something they needed but not necessarily wanted.  A new job, a new man and lots of money, each had something but it had a twist.  This time, in The Ghost Hunters Return, two months have passed and they are planning on going ghost hunting again.  Only this time, instead of the elusive spook, there are too many!

I had real fun writing this novel.  It was my first sequel and as soon as I started, it was like meeting old friends again.  I found having conversations with them in my head much more natural, I knew how they’d react and what they wanted and I knew where they were going.  The comedy, and the drama, came much more naturally, and so did the villains.  I had real fun with those!

Then there was the ghost hunting and I couldn’t have done that without my ghost hunting heroes, C L Raven.  We visited Nottingham and Peterborough, and I’ve been to all of the venues mentioned in the novel, including Paris.  Peterborough, possibly one of the most exciting cities in the UK, alongside Milton Keynes and Grantham (I am being ironic, for those reading this who are not from the UK) has a surprising amount of ghosts.  The museum is riddled with them, it’s been on Most Haunted, so it must be true!  The cathedral is stunning, and we have some EMF activity there – the closest we’ve been so far to ectoplasm.

The thing is, can I write another Ghost Hunters and make it a trilogy.  I don’t know, when you read it you’ll see why but I can’t help but think that we haven’t seen the last of the ladies.  I planned The Ghost Hunters Return while in a dull meeting, who knows where the ideas will flood next!  Perhaps a particularly boring bus journey, or stuck in traffic, those ladies will come back – I just hope I have a pad and paper (and I’m not driving on a motorway!) when they do.

So, for this weekend, you can download The Ghost Hunters Return for free.  I hope you’ve downloaded Soul Asylum as well – it’s a cracking read and scary to boot.  And then you can read mine and lighten the mood with a golly good giggle!


click on the picture to download your free copy

The Ghost Hunters Return

We have another guest! Some of you may know her from her books and some of you may know her as the honorary member of C.A.T.S Calamityville Horror, as she has joined us many times, in Hell Fire Caves, Nottingham Galleries of Justice and Peterborough. But you know that anyone who visits Casa Raven is doomed to wander these gloomy corridors forever, so we tracked her down in one of the catacombs and brought her back up for some wine and biscuits. So we give you… L K Jay!

L K JayThe Ghost Hunters Return by L K Jay

It’s been a while since I’ve been here but the sisters of darkness couldn’t keep me away for long!  I recently visited them at their home in Wales for their birthday party and it was great to be invited.  It was a really fun do, I paid homage to the gothic by dressing up as a middle-aged goth – I even put on black lace gloves.  They looked quite fetching with my rouge-noir nail varnish but they itched a bit – the price one has to pay for fashion.  Couldn’t do much about the hair though, blond highlights do not a goth make!  But C L Raven looked fabulous and they put on a really good spread, which I enjoyed munching my way through.  I wished I could have stayed longer but the stupid day job gets in the way …

Anyway, keeping in with the theme of the ‘fun-gothic’ – I think I’ve just invented a new genre – I wanted to tell you about my new novel that has just been released, and what it was like to write a sequel.  I wrote The Ghost Hunters Club over two years ago and life was quite different then.  I was living in Leeds, I had just been spectacularly let down by a man and it was not long after I had to change jobs and move back to the Fens.  There was a lot of my life at that point in that novel, including the ghost hunting and drinking!

However, a year later, I had the itch to continue Linda, Karen and Anna’s stories.  I was about as far removed from my previous situation but I woke up one morning and the plot to the sequel just came to me.  So while I was at work, when I probably should have been doing something else, I scribbled the basic plot down and the seeds had been sown.  It was two years after starting the first novel when I began The Ghost Hunters Return – cunning title eh? – but I wasn’t living in the home town of my main characters and two years had passed since I wrote the last one, when only two months had passed for them.  But this was the thing, it only took a few pages to dive back into their worlds.  It was like greeting old friends again and I had so much fun deciding what I was going to do with their lives.  After a while, I stopped writing the story, it wrote itself and the characters stopped relying on me to make decisions for them but they made them for themselves.

There’s a couple of new characters as well: one is good and one is bad, but which one, you’ll have to read to find out.  There’s more ghost hunting, more strange characters and definitely more ghosts!  And needless to say, Anna, has another of her moments …

Many thanks to Ryan Ashcroft for designing the covers: he came up with the concept, shot the pictures himself and then produced two beautiful matching covers for the Ghost Hunters books.  I love them, I hope you do too.

GHRWe’ve just bought The Ghost Hunters Return and can’t wait to get started on it. Buy your copy here.

GHCWe’ve read The Ghost Hunters Club and loved it. If you haven’t read it yet, download it now, here.

Muscle Museum

Season 2 of Calamityville Horror is getting off to a good start. There has been a technical issue in season 1, resulting in the final episode, The Galleries of Justice, now being shown as the first episode of season 2. Basically, Ryan moved out and we lost his ultra fast Broadband. But this wouldn’t be Calamityville if everything went smoothly. If you want a slick, professional show with professional, well-behaved investigators, boy did you stumble upon the wrong show! 😀

So for episode 4, we headed for Huntingdon to pick up our regular guest, L K Jay. We only got lost once and that was on the ring road. We didn’t feel too bad about that. Apparently, if you listen closely at night, you can still hear the ghostly cars driving around, unable to leave the ring road. After a quick baggage dump at her lovely flat, we piled into her car and headed for Peterborough.

Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum

We managed to get to the museum without any hitches. Mostly because we weren’t leading the way. The museum is free, but we did have to sign a permit to be allowed our cameras, so we’re not sure how much we’ll be able to show you. The museum started life as a home, before being turned into a hospital. It is said to be the most haunted building in Peterborough. It is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a soldier wounded in battle in France and brought to Peterborough for treatment. He died not long after arriving. His ghost has been seen on the stairs. It is also haunted by a little girl who has been seen in the operating theatre, and a woman who calls for Lady Charlotte, the wife of the museum’s previous owner, Thomas Cooke.

Shortly after entering the museum we realised we were hungry. Having recently discovered a website which warns you not to go ghost hunting on an empty stomach in case you end up with stomach ghosts, (we’re not kidding) we decided not to risk it and went to get something to eat.

We returned to the museum, stomachs well protected against the pesky stomach ghosts, and started to explore. When we were in the surgeon’s office, Cat touched the grandfather clock, which is the only original piece of furniture from the time of Thomas Cooke. When she touched it, she got what we call ‘fish tank feeling’. It’s the barely heard of technical term for when you feel really dizzy, like your brain is swimming. If you want to replicate it, stick your hand in a full fish tank and you’ll know what we mean. Lynx experienced it when we were in the underwater exhibition.

Peterborough Museum

Soldier, Solider

We moved on to the anglo-saxon and Roman exhibition to hunt for the Roman soldier who is so attached to his sword, he has reportedly been seen standing by the display case which holds it. We got Ryan to dress up in the Roman soldier costume provided, to see if we could lure the ghost. We also persuaded Ryan to wear a bonnet, but that was purely for our own amusement. One of the displays was of a skeleton family, who may be the first murder victims ever found. The man had an arrow lodged in his ribcage. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our Tyvek suits and crime scene kit, so the identity of the murderer will remain unknown. Our money’s on the the butler.

We then moved upstairs to the part we were looking forwards to – the Victorian operating theatre. Our fish tank feelings worsened in here considerably. At one point, Cat was worried she’d have to leave, for fear of passing out. The theatre was brilliant. The bed had a blood stained sheet and there was even a bucket of fake blood on the floor. The display case had an array of old equipment and even the doctor’s patients’ notes. Lynx was about to head out of the surgery when her camera failed to connect to its battery. This has never happened before and she was using the new battery. She kept switching it off, taking out the battery then trying again. It still wouldn’t read the battery. Cat suggested she leave the surgery, see what effect that would have. The moment she stepped out, the battery reconnected and worked fine for the rest of the trip. We know that some people believe that ghosts can drain your equipments’ power sources and use their energy, but we’re just putting this down to an inexplicable technical glitch.

Peterborough Museum

Theatre of screams

Our last stop in the museum was the Napoleonic prison ship. This was the coldest room in the museum, which was strange, as it was at the top of the museum, where usually the higher rooms are warmer. Again we had Ryan dress up as a solider and a prisoner. He looked more like a gnome, which was only confirmed by his impromptu gnome dance. Yes, it’s on film.

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

The next place on our list was the cathedral. We got there just as a service was about to start. We were invited to stay, but decided to explore the adjoining graveyard instead. As graveyards go, it wasn’t very impressive. It clearly wasn’t the ‘in’ place to be buried. It’s apparently haunted by a white woman and a monk. Monks are very popular ghosts. You’d think after devoting their lives to God, they’d want to at least visit Heaven, but they seem to prefer hanging out on Earth, spooking tourists. As we passed a sarcophagus, the K2 bleeped once. It had been silent until this point. We moved around by the sarcophagus, but it didn’t bleep again.

We explored the rest of the graveyard then decided to go for coffee. The K2 started bleeping slowly, the needle gradually rising to 3.5 in the red zone as the bleeps got faster. It’s never done that before. Usually it just goes off, but this was really gradual. We were right by a cottage, which had a lamppost and fuse box next to it. We put the K2 to the ground, to see if there were any electrical cables beneath us, but it fell silent. We took it over to the railings of the cottage and pointed it at the fuse box. It was quiet. We returned to our spot, but the K2 didn’t bleep again. There were rumblings of thunder, so we figured the electricity in the air was probably the cause.

We took shelter in the nearby coffee shop, as it started pouring. The tension between the staff was worse than the impending storm. It’s a wonder the K2 wasn’t going crazy. It was tense! The place was too small for such an atmosphere and we were stuck there for half an hour until the rain stopped and the cathedral opened. Shortly before we left, the thunder returned. Grabbing our K2, we hurried into the rain. It didn’t respond.

The cathedral is stunning. There was a £3 permit charge per camera, so we only used Ryan’s iPhone for both filming and photography. The most frightening thing in the cathedral was the dramatic organ music that started without warning and scared the bejesus out of us. Sadly it wasn’t music accompanying the phantom choir that are meant to be here. We also didn’t see the terrified monk who has been spotted running down the aisle before vanishing. We did get to stand by Catherine of Aragon’s tomb, which we were pleased about. We didn’t even know she was here. We must’ve missed her check-in on Facebook.

Huntingdon’s about 3 1/2 hours from Cardiff, so we had a rare stay over. We don’t often stay overnight, one, because we don’t think it’s fair to leave our mum with the animal army and two, because our intermittent insomnia returns with a vengeance in strange places. But we’re glad we stayed, because in the morning we visited Nun’s Bridge in Huntingdon, which is haunted by a nun. The name kinda gave that away. She had an affair with a monk and they used to meet on the bridge. Sadly the only activity we got on the bridge, were the cyclists who had to avoid our tripod as we recorded our debrief. Though we did manage to scare a jogger. He was about to come on to the bridge, saw us, swiftly turned around and jogged away. Either he never meant to cross the bridge, or he was truly terrified of seeing us without makeup. Clearly he hasn’t read a fairytale in a  while. Trolls live under the bridge.Nun's Bridge, Huntingdon

Sleep with one eye open

You’re probably sick of reading about the disasters that follow us around so we’re giving you a break from our screw ups for today. We have another guest! *checking the biscuits aren’t mouldy and shooing the cats off the settee* We’re thrilled to have the lovely L K Jay back on our blog! Her latest novel, The Policeman who was Afraid of the Dark was released on Monday and we encourage everyone to download it. Well, we say encourage. Those who don’t do, won’t be saved when the zombies come 😀

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

By L K Jay

I’m not.  When you are an intrepid ghost hunter, you can’t afford to be.

I had the pleasure of meeting the magnificent duo, C L Raven and their friend Ryan a few weeks ago and as I thought, we all got on like a house on fire.  We met at the Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe, it was a beautifully sunny day and we delved into the spooky caves and had a lot of fun.  The history was interesting, the research was invaluable and the company was excellent.  I even had a picture taken of me with a silicon pig’s head Lord of the Flies style.  At least I think it was silicon.  And William Golding knew a thing or two about darkness.

You see, darkness is the theme of my new novel,’ The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’.  My character, Detective Constable Saul Watson, has to experience darkness in many ways in order prove his innocence of a murder he did not commit.  He has to remember the dark memories of his past; of being locked in a lorry container, he has to experience being on the other side of the law when he is on the run and he sees just how dark human nature can be when he finds out what is really behind the murder he wakes up to.

But are you afraid of the dark?  Depends on what you call dark.  In taekwondo, the martial art I practice, our licence books say that when you are a black belt you become ‘impervious to darkness.’  Well I try to live up to that, we do like to laugh at the dramatic phrases of our martial arts masters  and I’ve never been punched in the face for real, so I would probably cry like a girl if I did.  It was funny though, when I went on the ghost walk in the underground tunnels of Edinburgh and they turned off the lights, everyone gathered around me.  Whether it was because they felt my martial arts super powers, knew I was a teacher and felt safe or because I had the biggest torch, I don’t know but it was jolly funny when the lights went up and everyone then shuffled away and looked really awkward in a very British way.

I remember something that somebody once said to me on my very first ghost walk.  ‘We have much more to worry about from the living than we do from the dead.’  And I could not agree more.  It is human beings that cause the darkness, we are responsible for our own shortcomings and most of the bad things that happen in this world are down to us, not the devil, not religion, not X-Factor, but us.  We make the decisions to bully or be corrupt, we make the decisions to blow up buildings with innocent people inside and we make the decisions to treat others cruelly.  So the way I see it, darkness is a state of mind.  You can switch on the light, use a good torch and just be nice.  If we all did that, then the world would be a better place.

L K Jay is the author of the novel ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’ and the newly released crime novel ‘The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. 


You can find her on her blog:  lkjaywriter.blogspot.com

Or follow her on Twitter: @FenlandGirll


Hell Fire

Our K2 meter arrived on Wednesday, along with our camera bag & in-car camcorder charger. So the trip to Hell Fire Caves was on! We were so excited we couldn’t keep still. Friday night was spent eating chip shop chips and watching Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Most Haunted – the Hell Fire Caves episode. Saturday morning dawned bright and warm – not the type of weather you associate with ghost hunting. We set off at 9:05 for the two hour, twenty four minute journey to West Wycombe. We’d arranged to meet L K Jay there and were looking forwards to meeting her for the first time.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get lost. Apart from going to the wrong car park, but that’s an easy mistake to make and entirely Ryan’s fault. We met L K outside the car park and walked up to the caves together. The entrance is beautiful and not what you’d expect a cave entrance to look like. Especially one that hosted the infamous Hell Fire Club. We sat outside for a bit, chatting then decided to venture in.

The caves are amazing. They’re not too brightly lit, which lends an eerie atmosphere. Throughout the caves, there are cages which house mannequins. At one point, Ryan rounded the corner and spied a cage with child mannequins in it. He saw a shadow dart inside it. Creeped out, he edged towards the cage. And discovered Cat inside it with the mannequins. We couldn’t figure how the hell she had got in. Turned out, the gate was unlocked. All the gates were unlocked. Even the gate to the Inner Temple, which is situated 300 ft directly below St. Lawrence Church and was where most of the fun took place. There were mannequins seated around a table. So we joined them for a group photo.

Sadly, we didn’t see any ghosts. But we had lots of fun and highly recommend these caves to anyone. After the caves, we walked to the George and Dragon pub, in the ghost of the doomed barmaid, Sukie’s footsteps. The most terrible thing that happened was that the pub didn’t serve Smirnoff Ice or Red Bull. Luckily we’d bought plenty of supplies.

The caves were built in the 1750’s by Sir Francis Dashwood, who employed local men to keep them in employment. The caves were used by Dashwood and his friends, for their meetings, which would consist of drinking, feasting and wenching. We’d been looking forwards to participating in some wenching but unfortunately, the caves didn’t sell hotties in the gift shop. The Club members would often dress in white robes, with the leader wearing a red robe and they called themselves the Friars of Francis.

In the Most Haunted episode, they claim that Satanic rituals took place in the caves. We’ve found no evidence of this. However, they did hold mock PAGAN rituals. The last time we checked, Paganism is an entirely different religion, but who lets the truth get in the way of a good story?

The most famous ghost that reputedly haunts Hell Fire, is Sukie. She was a local girl who worked in the George and Dragon pub. She repeatedly spurned the advances of the local lads, because she wanted to marry a Lord. One day, a Lord came into the bar and flirted with Sukie. Three of the lads were so incensed, they set a trap for Sukie. They wrote a note, claiming to be from her Lord, asking her to meet him in the caves, in a white wedding dress. When she arrived, the lads scared her and taunted her. She ran into the caves, they threw stones at her, she fell and hit her head. The lads took her back to the pub, where she died a few days later. Visitors to the caves have reported seeing a woman in a wedding dress.

This is a great story. But we think that’s all it is. In the late eighteenth century, the local lads would’ve been farm workers, or labourers – they wouldn’t have been able to read or write. Even if one of them could write, would he have been able to write well enough to convince Sukie it was from her Lord? We don’t think so. Where would she have got a wedding dress at such short notice?

However, in the Hell Fire Club, they would smuggle prostitutes into the caves and they often liked indulging in role play. One of their favourites was of Ariadne, a quasi-virgin Greek bride. The prostitutes would often give themselves exotic names. Could a prostitute have died during one of these games? Is that who visitors have seen? If it is her, how did she die? And why does nobody know about it?

Watch the episode of C.A.T.S Calamityville Horror Hell Fire Caves with L K Jay here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMyVXYJb2f4