World of War

Dinefwr World War 2 Summer

brothers in arms

We were persuaded to visit Newton House’s World War 2 summer event, organised by Scott James (you may remember him from episode 5 of Calamityville Horror). There would be guns, history and soldiers in their uniforms. Hell yeah we were going! It was fantastic! We made the Glamorgan Home Guards on the barrier very suspicious as we kept passing them to fetch things from the car and only had one pass between the 3 of us.

Glamorgan Home Guards

stop or we’ll shoot!

We tried to convince them Ryan was a spy and should be shot but sadly the mischievous twinkles in our eyes gave the game away. Maybe next time…We spent ages in the US/German camp talking to the soldiers. Turned out, one of the soldiers was Ryan’s neighbour! And they’d never met. Small world. He loaded Ryan up with equipment and made him run about 50 yards, to experience what the soldiers had to experience. We were hoping he’d launch a grenade after him to fully add to it. Sadly not. Their reluctance to gun down this varmint was worrying. He must’ve paid them off.

Not only did we get to pick up the rifles (which were nearly the same size as us), we also got to sit in the genuine WW2 Jeeps! We were desperate to nab one for a test drive but no keys were left in them, sadly. Though we did get to play with the machine guns mounted in the back and pretend to shoot people 😀 How badass would we look filming the next Calalmityville episode in a WW2 Jeep? Does anyone have a spare one they don’t want? Preferably one with a machine gun?

World War 2 Jeep

Jeepers Creepers

The lady from the Medic tent asked if she could take our photo for her son as he used to be a Goth. Naturally we obliged. Even more coinkidinkally, one of the soldiers happens to run the website about the Bridgend POW camp that we tried to get into. Remember the pics of us squeezing through the fence? That one. And they’re having an open day! We’ll finally be able to see inside in a legal, won’t-have-to-run-from-the-cops manner! Our mum will be thrilled. And the escape tunnel is still there. Might have to recreate that German POW escape…

The battle re-enactment was brilliant. Scott told us the best place to film and we were right by the action. It was so exciting. Not only were the soldiers extremely friendly and knowledgeable, they were also really good actors and the German sniper was captured with only two casualties.

World War 2 re-enactment, Dinefwr

band of brothers

Then a group of soldiers came over and wanted their pics taken with us. Lots of pics 😀 They even let us sit on the bonnet of their Jeep. In the Resistance exhibition we met an old soldier who taught us about the Smith and Wesson revolver we were playing with. He also wanted our photo. It was like being celebrities! We weren’t even part of the event!

We returned to the basement where the K2 meter had given us such great hits on our last two visits. It was silent. Maybe because the audio wasn’t playing, though that wouldn’t have effected it anyway, but it’s the only explanation we can think of. The K2 didn’t go off anywhere else, which was very strange as Newton House has always given us plenty of K2 activity. Maybe the soldiers scared the ghosts away. In the wards there were a variety of tools with those scanning barcode things for Smart phones to find out about them. As our phones are so old, we ended up inventing uses for them. Eyeball grabbers, brain hooks and nose pokers being amongst the favourites. Cat tried to take Ryan’s jugular blood from an over sized syringe. None came out. Maybe he’s a vampire.

Dinefwr World War 2 summer


We strong armed our sister and her family into going the next day. Apparently, as soon as they mentioned us, all the  soldiers raved about us 😀 (We’re now FB friends with 2 of them) Surely we can’t have made that much of an impression, not with the large number of people who were there. Although our outfits were very popular. We highly recommend everyone goes to Dinefwr to witness it first hand. It was amazing. Even more so because it was the first event Scott’s organised, so we were doubly impressed! And he did look rather handsome in his uniform 😉

Dinefwr World War 2 summer

us with Scott James