Book Trailer Win

We’ve managed to lock Scott back in his freezer, but because he shared our book trailer on Twitter, we now have to go capture a doctor for him. He wants Baked brain Alaska for tea. Why did we agree to this? Oh yes, because we wanted him to tweet about our book trailer. You read right. It’s done! You can watch it here: let us know what you think.

With our book trailer out of the way, we could concentrate on formatting. We’ve been dreading it the same way people dread going to the dentist’s. We were expecting the pain and blood loss of a tooth extraction, but it was more like a check up. With no fillings 😀 Formatting isn’t as hard as we feared – there’s just a lot of steps. The best advice we can give is to download the Smashwords style guide. It explains every step in an easy to follow way. We then tried uploading it to Amazon, to see if there were any errors. There were – we hadn’t saved it in HTML format. So word of advice – for Amazon, save it as web page, filtered. For Smashwords, it’s .doc. We haven’t tried uploading it to Smashwords, but we will. That’s usually where the problems lie, if other authors are to be believed. We’ll upload it a few days before Valentine’s, just to give us breathing space to correct any formatting errors.

Love Kills

Ok, a few days have passed since we announced our challenge to have an ebook out there for Valentine’s Day. We’ve been regretting it ever since. We knew it would be a lot of work and we only gave ourselves a month’s deadline, but we didn’t realise how many precious brain cells we would lose in the process. We can’t afford to lose any more! They’re too little and confused to be let out alone. After several more sleepless nights and frustrating days, we might actually be getting somewhere. By that we mean we haven’t checked in to the mental hospital. Yet. The Black Kiss is done and polished. Til Death Us Do Part is probably done. Kiss of Death has been extensively worked on, rewritten in parts and slaved over so much we’re sick of the sight of it. Can’t bear to look at it for a few days. So we’ve been working on our promo trailer. We thought we could have it done in a day and set about excitedly collecting royalty free images and music. We started that on Monday. Thousands of images and hundreds of songs later, our eyes and ears are bleeding from the effort and our trailer is still locked inside our heads. We don’t do anything small. We don’t just think big, we think EPIC. If we had Hollywood’s budget and talent, we would be dangerous. Instead we’ve got writers’ budget and zero talent. Just a lot of fantastic ideas that would be more beneficial in someone else’s head.

We now have three covers for Gunning Down Romance mocked up with the same graphic but different fonts. One of our FB friends gave us a link to a free font site and we spent the day hyped up on excitement. Is it weird that we get just as excited over fonts as we do over ghost tours? Simple things…Seeing the book cover keeps us focused on our task when we all want to do is run outside and scream. But that would probably bring the chuckle wagon straight to us. We’re pretty sure our mum has them on speed dial. It’s our birthday three days after Valentine’s Day so we might book a room as a present to ourselves. We have nothing else planned, we’ve been too busy with the book.

We plan to hold a book launch on Facebook on Valentine’s Day to celebrate it’s release. Might even take our laptop to the pub so we can enjoy the release of a bloody romance collection surrounded by happy couples presenting each other with wilting red roses bought from the petrol forecourt and fluffy teddies holding hearts. Since when did teddy bears become the gods of romance? They’ll be staring all googly eyed at each other, we’ll be playing anti Valentine’s songs and reading gory scenes where lovers meet a grisly end. So come Valentine’s Day, if no-one has bought their lover a cheesy cliché and wants something different, download our book. There’s romance (sort of), sex, humour, blood and scenes some readers may find disturbing.

Give your lover a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget…