Lately we seem to be aiming for extremely tight deadlines. When we say tight, we mean one week. One week to come up with a story, write it then edit it to death. The first story we did this for was BlackJack for Rebecca Fisk’s blog. In case you missed it, click here. We didn’t have a deadline for it, but we wanted to get it to her as quickly as possible, because we were already working on 5 other short stories. The second story that had the short deadline was Memento Mori, for Elena Jacob’s blog. You can read it here . This one actually had a deadline of 5 days. Both of those stories are 1000 words, so they didn’t take long to write or edit. But they were a challenge – we’d never written flash fiction and now we had 2 of them. Challenge accepted!

This new one is different. We’ve only just found out about an anthology, Black Apples, which wants gothic fairytales, with edgy fairytale princesses, 3000-10,000 words. Our first thought was ‘Once Upon a Nightmare’, our horror Red Riding Hood story from Disenchanted. Then we read the dreaded words ‘no reprints’. Bugger. We desperately wanted to get in the anthology. We belong in gothic fairytales! But we had 8 days, no story and no idea what to write. And we’d struggled filling the 10 slots in Disenchanted. So what did we do? We decided to write another fairytale. We figured Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast would be the most popular as they are princesses. So we picked Red Riding Hood. We’ve always preferred this one. Maybe ‘cos her happiness doesn’t involve marrying a prince. But could we do something different to ‘Once Upon A Nightmare’? Within five minutes we decided she should be a witch, the big bad wolf is her familiar, a she-wolf named Solstice and the wood cutter is a witch hunter. Boom. Then Cat switched on the laptop and started the story.

In just under two hours, we’d written 1200 words then stopped ‘cos it was getting late. By late afternoon yesterday, after the iguana had his bath, Lynx finished the story, at just over 4000 words. We squeezed in two edits before Zumba last night and another one this morning. Now the story is 5000 words long. We have 6 days ’til the deadline. Our biggest obstacle? The damn title. And as soon as that deadline hits, we have a month to polish and format the stories for Bad Romance. And start on the trailer. Ooh there’s another deadline for the end of the month. And we turn 30 3 days after Bad Romance is released so really need to look in to hiring a bouncy castle. We’re also in the middle of writing our next article for Haunted Magazine and have to squeeze in a 10 hour round trip to visit the location…

Hello, Tesco? Red Bull to go please.