Ghost Adventures

Trawling haunted hotels and randomly meeting the Ghost Adventures Crew. And to think, we had nothing planned!

Neen was at her brother’s wedding all day so we video called our family first thing. The time zone difference and our lack of available WiFi meant we hardly had any contact with them. Apparently Facebook was really quiet without us! We were surprised we make that much of a difference. The animal army ignored us, except our iguana, Kyler, who nodded at us. Our sister’s dog, Axel, launched a lick attack on her when we said hello. We like to think he was passing kisses on.

Bally's hotel Las VegasWe hadn’t planned what we would do while Neen was at the wedding, but we didn’t want to waste the day, so we hopped on the bus and decided to tour the haunted hotels. That should keep us out of mischief for a bit. We’d done a lot of research before travelling, and as our main aim in America was to ghost hunt, we figured we should probably start. We started in Bally’s, which was super posh. It’s built on the site of the former MGM Grand, which nearly burned down in November 1980. 650 people were injured and 85 people died, mostly from smoke inhalation from being trapped on the stairwells, or they died in their sleep. The tower where people died is still part of the hotel and people have seen a group of ghosts together. Staff have witnessed them in the staff restrooms and corridors. We found in these hotels that acting like we were supposed to be there meant no one stopped us, even when we rode lifts up to the guest floors.

Bally's hotel Las Vegas

corridor in Bally’s

Except when we walked straight past security into a private area. This is always our undoing. We’re incapable of blending in. They told us it was a private area, so for once, we were quick thinking, wandered over to a map on the wall and said we were getting our bearings. They soon got distracted by us being twins, so it was good and we weren’t escorted out. We took the lift to the guest rooms. There just happened to be a conference on on the floor we were. We clearly were not dressed for a conference and hadn’t had time to make fake badges. Sam and Dean would’ve had them pre-made, but we hate advance planning. The corridors reminded us a bit of the corridor in the final level of Streets of Rage.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas

inside Paris hotel

We half expected to fight our way through floating tables and an endless stream of bad guys. We snuck into a ballroom to do our info piece, before wandering the shopping centre below. The lady in the sweet shop, Lick, had four month old twin boys so we spent a long time talking to her. We bought a pack of Fun Dip, because one of the Card Against Humanity cards is ‘stuffing a child’s face with Fun Dip until he starts having fun’. Then an Italian worker outside a shop asked us to marry him and wanted a photo with us to show his mum. We’ve managed to go thirty two years without a marriage proposal, but get one within days of being in Las Vegas.

Paris hotel Las Vegas

Paris hotel

Our next stop was Paris. We hadn’t intended to go there but ended up through Bally’s. Paris was lovely. It had streets and houses. We then went to the Flamingo, which is haunted by Bugsy Siegal, a gangster who built it in 1946, only to be murdered six months later by his investors. He’s been seen on the fifth floor and Presidential Suite. We went up to the top floor and found a tropical garden area below. We saw ducky birds! We then went down to the fifth floor, doing some calling out as we wandered, trying not to appear too crazy to the cleaners. Flamingo hotel Las VegasWe got a closer look at the garden. They have flamingos! All thoughts of ghost hunting fled. We’d never seen flamingos in real life. We made our way out to the pool area. There were flamingos, ducks, a black swan, a pelican and enormous fish. Bugsy apparently also haunts the pool area and wedding chapel, which are supposedly built on the site of his old apartment, where he was shot. He’s been seen hundreds of times in the Flamingo. Maybe there’s good room service. We didn’t think we’d be allowed in the chapel, but nobody stopped us. Again, we used the ‘act like we’re supposed to be here’ ruse. They looked at us as we approached the pool, so we made a swift u-turn. Taking cameras to a pool area probably wasn’t wise.

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

Caesar’ s Palace

The next hotel was Caesar’s Palace. That one’s huge but lovely. It’s made to look like Rome in some areas. It was so posh, we couldn’t afford to breathe there. The shops were all expensive boutiques. There was a statue show about Atlantis which was cool and there were large statues everywhere, one was a replica of Michelangelo’s David. The toilets are apparently haunted  – well, the sensor taps turn on and off and if you put your hands under one already running, it switches off. We have enough problems trying to get sensor taps to work! We don’t think sensor taps turning on and off is in any way paranormal.

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

that awkward moment when you stumble across a naked man

But we’re professionals and it needed investigating. Nothing happened and we were there a while. Yes, we filmed in the toilets. We had to wait a long time for women to leave then a cleaner noticed we were twins and started talking to us. Sometimes, sticking out can really hamper your surreptitious activities! One guest took an abnormally long time to leave. Think she was on to us, but we refused to break first. Hey, looking suspicious in toilets is an art form! After her epic time at the sinks and mirror, she then moved on to a side room with mirrors and stools. Seriously, how can you spend that long at a mirror? Don’t you have things to do? We’re trying to film in here and with you around, we just look like perverts!

Bellagio Las VegasWe went up a walkway and ended up in the Bellagio. That’s not haunted, but the hotel that used to be there, Dunes, was. Before it closed in 1993, people would experience cold spots in the tower and casino. After hours on the top floor, there would be a blue glow and people would hear voices. October 23rd 1993, Dunes imploded. The Bellagio was also really posh. We got the bus back to the Tropicana to look for a vegan ice cream place. Couldn’t find it. There wasn’t much to see in the Tropicana – it didn’t have a shopping area like the others, just stalls in a corridor. Tropicana Las VegasWe tried to find a Tiki mask, which apparently gives you a purple rash if you touch it, but we couldn’t find it. We couldn’t get on any of the hotels’ Wi-Fi so we returned to the Excalibur. A guy who stands on the walkway wanted a photo with us. We made friends with his American Bulldog, Beau, who was gorgeous. He also wanted to marry us. The guy, not the dog. It’s really weird! In the UK, guys shout abuse at us, usually “freaks!” In USA, they want to marry us. But we don’t believe in marriage so turned them down. Though we wanted to keep Beau…

Flamingo Las Vegas

flamingos at the Flamingo

When we were back in our room, we Google mapped the ice cream place. Turns out, it’s off Tropicana Avenue, not the hotel. And it’s quite far away. We got back at 3:30. Neen came back at 5ish. Our Facebook friend, Samantha, had tagged us in Aaron Goodwin’s Instagram photo yesterday – the Ghost Adventures Crew were going to be outside the Riviera hotel at 6 p.m. before starting their investigation there! We had to go. This would be the only time we would ever be in the same city as them. But we were trying to check into our flight for Thursday and Neen was getting ready so we didn’t get to the bus stop ‘til 5:54. Then the bus took forever and people took ages boarding so we didn’t get to the Riveria ‘til 6:20. That was a stressful ride! The only chance we would ever have to meet Ghost Adventures, and we were late. We had to stop ourselves barging the bus driver aside and taking the wheel. But our Travel Insurance still didn’t cover bus hijacking.

Zak Bagans

Us and Zak

We thought we’d miss them, but Zak was just finishing talking to the cameras. He then got mobbed for photos. He kept saying he had to go, so we didn’t think we manage to get a photo. Girls were jumping in by him and snapping selfies and each time we got close, another one would jump in as they all shouted his name. He was starting to look a bit stressed. We’re so short, the other girls all towered above us and were pushing in.

Billy Tolly

us and Billy

Eventually we got close so Cat tapped him on the shoulder and asked if we could have a photo with him. We were actually the ONLY people who asked permission to have a photo with him. A woman then jumped in for a photo. Cat looked back at Lynx, like “this ain’t happening.” Especially when the woman then pushed her kid in by him for a photo. We’d resigned ourselves then that we weren’t going to get a photo and just watched. Then Zak grabbed Cat round the waist and pulled her in for the photo, so she grabbed Lynx. We were actually the only ones Zak put his arms around. It obviously pays to be polite.

Jay Wasley

us and Jay

Lynx then spotted Billy so we went over to him. He was talking to a man, then when they finished, we asked if we could have a photo with him. He was lovely and chatted to us for a bit. We told him we were going to there to ghost hunt and would be going to Alcatraz. We also got an autograph off him. On the notepad we stole from the Excalibur. Hey, we’re writers. We don’t steal things like shampoo and bathrobes, we steal stationery. We then got a photo and autograph with Jay. After telling him where we were from, we just stood there awkwardly, not saying anything. Yep, our one chance to meet the guys and we completely froze. Great first impression!

Aaron Goodwin

us and Aaron

Lynx then spotted Aaron so we mobbed him for a photo and autograph. He was pulling faces with everyone else, but when it came to us, someone was talking to him, so we were pulling faces, but he wasn’t. Way to make us look like the crazy ones. We tried to get an autograph from Zak but he was being mobbed so we didn’t get a chance. We were so excited afterwards. “Fangirls,” Neen called us. We tagged the guys in our photos and Billy messaged us at 3 a.m. – which must have during their investigation! 😀 We apologised for being awkward and not really speaking and said it was great to meet him. He said it was great to meet us and that he thought we were awesome! 😀 So next time some twatbandit shouts abuse at us, we can retort with “Yeah well, Billy thinks we’re awesome!”

We headed across to Treasure Island to get another strawberry Dakari. The guy who served us was so rude. He refused to take all the change and insisted on having a quarter instead. We didn’t tip him. Rudeness shouldn’t be rewarded. He was damn lucky we didn’t throw the drink at him. But we hate wasting money. We got the bus back then Neen went to our room while we went up to the Dragon’s Lair shop and bought a skull dagger. Hopefully customs won’t take it off us, but considering how much trouble we had trying to get Cranberry and Raspberry on the plane, this may turn ugly.

Treasure Island

Pirates by night