Beautiful Minds

The lovely Susie TullettĀ has nominated us for a Beautiful Blogger award! The only conditions are, we have to give seven facts about ourselves, link to the person who nominated us *pointing above* then nominate seven others worthy of this award. Kinda disappointed there’s not a condition attached which states you have to spend the night in a haunted house, but guess we’ll have to wait to be a beneficiary of someone’s will.

Here are our facts: –

1. Our favourite band is My Chemical Romance. They have inspired us in so many ways and not just because we’ve pinched a song and an album title for our recent fairytales collection. Their music helps fight the darkshines when they descend and they give us the courage to keep being who we are, even when scumbags try to drag us down.

2. Our favourite poem is ‘Ballard of Reading Gaol’. We looked it up after hearing it on an episode of Perry Mason (when we should’ve been in school) and it features in our forthcoming debut novel, Soul Asylum.

3. Our first crush was Christian Slater. When clearing out the attic a few months ago, we found scrapbooks filled with pictures of him. No, we’re not ashamed.

4. We were born 33 minutes apart. Lynx is older.

5. The major differences between us, are our injuries. Cat’s had two knee ops on her left knee from tearing the lining off the bone, she’s torn the ligaments in both ankles (5 times) and broken the index and pinky fingers on both hands. She also cracked her head open when we were 4 and might’ve broken her nose when she was 5. Lynx has scoliosis. That’s it. It’s not very interesting.

6. As kids, we loved the film Snowbeast and would spend ages trying to pause the film on the monster’s face. But with the delay in pause on our old VCR, we never managed it. We recently bought the film on DVD and paused it on the monster’s face. A lifetime’s ambition achieved šŸ˜€ The only bit of the film we remembered was the build up to the monster’s big face reveal. Which proves which bit we were obsessed with.

7. We don’t believe in ghosts yet we really want to see one and have our own ghost hunting show on YouTube, called Calamityville Horror. Did we mention we’re paradoxical?

Ok, time to nominate our seven beauties. In noĀ particularĀ order

Anya BretonĀ

Ryan BurtĀ

L K JayĀ

Elaine AllenĀ

Sean and Dan CampbellĀ

Lacey WolfeĀ

Cinta GarciaĀ