Love Kills

Today we have TWO treats for you. And people think the run up to Valentine’s Day brings out our…unpleasant sides 😀 First up, the cover reveal for Romance is Dead. We’re very excited about it. Ryan from Love Your Covers has done an incredible job as always. We told him exactly what we wanted and he delivered 🙂 So feast your eyes! *claps for the spotlight to come on. Glares. Claps harder. Stomps over and switches the damn thing on ourselves.*

Romance is Dead C L Raven

And now for your second treat 🙂

Bad Romance C L RavenTo continue our Bloody Valentine’s celebration in the run up to Romance Is Dead’s release on Feb 14th, the second book in the trilogy, Bad Romance will be FREE from today until Friday. You can get it here:

Amazon US Amazon UK

When we first started writing the second story, Still Life, the main character was originally an unnamed character called The Artist. But as we redrafted it, we found the narration very similar to Trey’s from ‘Til Us do Part in Gunning Down Romance. Then we realised it was Trey, trying to force his way into the second book. The more we thought about it, the more we realised it made sense – the models were Trey’s evolution. We surrendered and rewrote parts of the story to accommodate Trey and Sol. We’re glad we did. It seemed we couldn’t let go of Trey any more than he could let go of his former lovers.

Watch the trailer here 

Here’s the blurb:

Three disturbing stories about the dangers of falling in love – an incompetent Cupid prepares for Valentine’s Day, but his arrows melt faces, not hearts; a man’s art exhibition conceals a macabre secret; and a betrayed bride makes unfaithful lovers regret their vow of ’til death us do part’. All their victims are bound by an unsettling truth – too much love can kill you.

Master of Puppets

On Friday, we finished editing one of our older novels, Legion of the Damned. We wrote it in 2008 (we think) but after writing Bleeding Empire, thought it would be a good idea to release it as Bleeding Empire’s sequel. Legion features demons that have escaped from Hell and have cool powers. Think evil superheroes but without the capes and their own action figures. The problem was, it was 162,000 words. It needed to go on a major diet. So we starved it, forced it into a gym and cracked the whip until it broke into sweat and begged for mercy. When we were close to the end, we realised the document was missing 6 chapters. The novel was in fact 185,000 words. After a brief swearing fit, we carried on hacking through it with our machete. Also known as the delete button. In the end we managed to cut 63,000 words. So it’s still too long and still needs a lot of work. Probably a major rewrite in some parts. We used to like this book.

Most people, after finishing a novel edit would probably take a few days off. On Saturday, we were at a loss of what to do. So we wrote the final story for Romance Is Dead, the final part of the anti-Valentine’s trilogy. This story (unnamed) will conclude the Trey and Sol story. If you haven’t read Gunning Down Romance and Bad Romance, you have until February 14th. They’re only 77p/99c. The title Master of Puppets would’ve been perfect but that’s a story in Disenchanted, so like most of our stuff, it will probably remain title-less until near publication. They are our nemesis.

We were discussing Trey’s progression from mannequins to paralysed models and wanted to continue the trend. We both said “puppets” at the same time. When the Twin Power is switched on, it really is useful. Today we read through ‘Til Death us do Part and Still Life, which feature Trey and Sol, to make sure we had Trey’s narrative voice right. Turns out, puppets are mentioned in both stories. It’s like past us planted Easter Eggs to hint at things to come. It would’ve been nice if past us had told future us about this. We’ve been trying to think up a plot since August. But still, it makes us look clever. Even if it was by accident.

Gunning Down Bad Romance

We promised you a competition and now it’s time for its grand unveiling.

St. Dwynwen’s Day (the Welsh Valentine’s Day) is on January 25th. Instead of the Valentine’s tradition of giving such uninspired gifts like roses, chocolates and teddy bears, which quite frankly have NOTHING to do with beheading a saint, on St. Dwynwen’s Day, the tradition is to give love spoons. The handles of the spoons are carved with different things, each with a different meaning. In the olden days, guys would carve them for their partner. Nowadays you just buy them from a shop.

love spoons Gunning Down RomanceAnyhoo, to celebrate this and the forthcoming release of Bad Romance, we’re giving away 3 love spoons. For those of you who’ve read Gunning Down Romance, these feature in the final story, The Black Kiss and they’re not used for stirring soup. We’ll also be giving away copies of Bad Romance when it’s released.

In Bad Romance, one of the protagonists from Gunning Down Romance makes a return. To win a love spoon, you have to guess who. Comment below with your answer and if you’d like to give a reason why you think it’s your chosen one, feel free.

If you haven’t read Gunning Down Romance, here are the links. You have a week! 


Look Who’s Talking

Ever get the feeling that your characters are really the ones in charge? That wouldn’t be so bad, if the character is question wasn’t a sociopath. You just can’t reason with them. You try saying no to them and the next thing you know, you’re hogtied in their basement praying their Torture Tools Activity Kit hasn’t arrived yet from Amazon.

When we started writing Still Life, the second story in Bad Romance, we knew there was something not quite right about it. Then this voice said ‘what are you doing? That’s MY story.’ We ignored them and carried on. But they wouldn’t shut up. ‘That’s my voice you’re using.’ We denied it – ‘it’s an unnamed character with their own story. Besides, their profession is completely different from yours’. But they wouldn’t stop. ‘Look at it. It’s similar. Listen to the voice. It’s mine.’ They were right. We now had a dilemma. Do we stick to our original plan of the unnamed character – the artist-  or do we surrender and allow this character to return?

We surrendered. Now we’re glad we did. They were right. Of course it was their story, their voice. We just didn’t realise at the time, but the more we looked at it and entertained the possibility of bringing them back, we knew we had to. After a bit of tweaking, the character is firmly established in the story and we know it truly does belong to them. We were foolish to think otherwise. Hope this doesn’t mean we’ve fallen under their spell. We’re meant to be the ones in control here.

You’re probably wondering who the hell we’re talking about. Well, we’re not going to tell you.  Before you throw stuff at us, we have a good reason for keeping it a secret. St. Dwynwen’s Day is January 25th. It’s the Welsh version of St Valentine’s Day without the teddy bears, wilting roses from the garage forecourt and heart shaped bog roll. The tradition on St. Dwynwen’s Day is for a guy to give his girlfriend a love spoon, with each symbol having a special meaning. Actually, he’s supposed to carve it himself, but those days are as dead as Dracula. For those of you who’ve read Gunning Down Romance, you’ll know the significance of the love spoon and the fun way D used it. Well, it was fun for her. Her lovers might say differently. So to celebrate St. Dwynwen’s Day, we will be giving away a love spoon, along with a copy of Bad Romance, when it’s released. We’ll be running a contest, using this character we’ve talked about.

All will be revealed.

*Disclaimer* C L Raven accept no responsibility for love spoon related injuries but photographs of said mischief will be required for the fan club.