Author Interview: CL Raven – Part I

Interview we did with Matt Doyle

Matt Doyle Media

Welcome, one and all, to the first part of two-day interview with the horror writing twins, CL Raven. Now, this is a special run, because I went a bit overboard and sent them more than seventy questions … and they answered every single one! So, we’re splitting it up over a few days. Today, we’re talking about their latest title Bleeding Empire, and their other novel and novella length works.

Welcome to the site! For those unfamiliar with your work, can you readers a quick introduction to yourselves and what you write?

Hello! We’re C L Raven, we’re identical goth twins from Cardiff and we write horror short stories and novels.

CL Raven Bleeding Empire Book Cover HorrorWe’re going to talk a little about as many of your projects as possible, but we’re going to start with your latest novel, Bleeding Empire. Now, this is a darkly humourous take on the apocalypse, and features…

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