Bristol Horror Con

Bristol Horror ConA 5:30 a.m. start is bad at the best of times. It’s even worse when you don’t get to sleep until 2:30 a.m. Since returning from America, our insomnia has reared its ugly head. We think this is why we didn’t get jet lag – we’re so used to not sleeping well that our bodies didn’t even notice. Wait one moment…we function normally without eating, without sleeping, our hands are ten degrees colder than everyone else’s, we’re always pale, we hate garlic and we can’t be out in direct sunlight for long. *Looks around suspiciously. Shuffles away from anything wooden or stake shaped. Hisses at a crucifix.*

Bristol Horror ConBut we had a good reason for being up at such a horrific hour – today was Bristol Horror Con. It was our first ever con as traders, so we were hoping to at least make the money for the table. Our mum and sister who make jewellery at Brillioso Beads supplied us with keyrings, bookmarks and necklaces, and our friend Hayley’s aunt, Lynne, made bracelets for us to sell to help reach our target. Thank you Mum, Sarah and Lynne, you’re stars. Seeing as we haven’t sold a single book all month, selling one would be a bonus.

Bristol Horror ConWe set off at 6:50 a.m. as the sun was just peeking over the clouds to see what the hell we were doing up so early. It was all going so well until we reached sign posts our route planner didn’t mention. One sign matched later directions, so we followed it. We were wrong. We stopped at a petrol station and Lynx asked the cashier where the Future Inn was. Him “is it in Kingswood?” Lynx “I don’t know.” Him “what is the Future Inn? Is it in Georgetown?” Lynx “I don’t know. I’m not from here.” Him *pointing to a guy filling his car with petrol* “you could ask him.” She left without asking him and we turned around. We figured our best plan of action was to retrace our route. We then followed another sign our route planner mentioned. It started taking us to Bath. We turned around, discarded our route and decided to head for the city centre and wing it the rest of the way. We ended up by the car park we were supposed to park in. The end of the journey went like this: “Where the hell are we? What’s the next direction? Ooh Cabot Circus car park! That’s it!”

Bristol Horror ConWe’d got there at 8:05 and the con didn’t start ’til 10, so there wasn’t a meltdown in sight. We spotted people carrying stuff and followed him, thinking they clearly knew where they were going. We were right. We made it to the Future Inn and headed upstairs. We were fairly early, so had plenty of time to set up. Most people had brought black tablecloths. We’d brought our spiderweb ones. We were in the middle of the room, on the end of our row, so it was easy to get out. We hate being penned in, so it was ideal. And it meant we wouldn’t have to perform any table acrobatics every time we needed to get out. Just as well. Our skirts weren’t suitable. Faceplanting on our books wouldn’t look very professional.

Bristol Horror Con

Stephen Cooney’s table

The first person who bought a book from us was a Calamityville fan! He’d commented on our Ancient Ram Inn episode a few days ago and mentioned he’d been there 13 times. Today he came over and said “You’re from the YouTube show! I saw your Ancient Ram episode. I’ve been there 13 times.” Cat “You’re that guy!” Being writers, our way with words is remarkable. He said he loved our episodes and loved our style of investigating, especially the zumba dancing in the witch’s room. Not sure our investigating has a style, other than ‘unprofessional’. It was awesome to meet a fan though. We don’t get to meet many. Not sure most people will admit to watching Calamityville. He bought a copy of Deadly Reflections.

Bristol Horror ConWe got to meet fellow horror writer Adam Millard, a seasoned Horror Con pro. Southcart Books in Walsall, who stock our books, hold authors events and Adam often goes to them. We’ve never been, but we see him in the photos so we knew of him. We spotted his red mohican instantly. It was great to finally meet him. We also met an actor who reckons we’d be good in films. We said we’d tried acting and have no talent for it whatsoever, apart from standing there and looking creepy. He thinks that could work. He’s with an alternative modelling agency and thinks they’d love us. Yeah, horror sells this time of year 😀

Bristol Horror Con

Team Raven

Our friend Hayley joined us to help with her baby, Wyatt, who was an angel throughout. He certainly charmed the guys behind us. It was so helpful having her there, as she’s used to being in sales so was great at talking to people and telling them about our books while we skulked around assuring people the free sweets we were offering were not a prelude to poisoning or kidnapping. Plus Hayley’s read all of our books and remembers them better than we do! So she was able to recount plots to people while we pointed to Soul Asylum’s cover and said “That’s an asylum in North Wales. We got kicked out of there.” Think we our sales technique needs some work…screw it, we’ll just take Hayley to every event so she can sell for us and we can lurk nearby, trying to make eye contact.

Bristol Horror Con

with Cheyenne and Dugald

Cheyenne and Dugald came to see us! We’ve known Cheyenne on Facebook and Twitter for a few years and we got to meet her and her husband Dugald a couple of years ago when they came to our Cathays Library reading, so it was great to see them again. Thanks guys for making a special trip! They made us look popular, which is always good. They were clearly a good luck charm as sales picked up when they arrived then dropped after they left.

Bristol Horror Con

our incredible piece of artwork

We bought an awesome painting from artist Stephen Cooney. His table was in our eye line and we couldn’t stop admiring his artwork from afar. He’s truly talented and his paintings are actually book covers! Mostly in America. We couldn’t resist buying one. This is the only piece of artwork we’ve ever bought. We fell in love with it. Hayley also bought a painting of his. Check out his website here.

Bristol Horror Con

Team Raven’s support staff working tirelessly behind the scenes

Lots of people took photos of us. It was like being back in Vegas! One guy from Corporal Nourishment wanted a photo of us with his Psycho Juice for his Facebook page, so we agreed. Normally Red Bull is the only product we promote. One day they’ll notice us… It was great to meet so many different people and even though it was our first ever con, it didn’t feel that way. Hopefully we’ll be able to attend more. It’s certainly easier to sell face to face than it is online. We had a fantastic time and sold nine books, which is more than we’d hoped for. Thanks to Tommy Creep for organising it. He came round to speak to everyone, which was nice. We hope it will return next year and if so, we’ll definitely be there. Like all horror monsters, we’re not that easy to get rid of.Bristol Horror Con