Titanic exhibition, Luxor hotelWe headed out to the Titanic exhibition in the Luxor hotel at 10:30. We were given passenger boarding cards of actual passengers then at the end, you got to see if you survived or not. We had the same one and Neen was our future daughter in law. We survived. Forgot to check Neen’s. She probably drowned. We’re excellent swimmers. We posed for photos – they had the bow of the boat so naturally we recreated the famous Titanic pose. It would’ve been rude not to. Insulting, even. Neen got up on the rails but our short dresses and fishnets wouldn’t allow for that. While our dignity filed for divorce years ago, we’re yet to participate in the ‘accidentally flashing your knickers at the camera’ craze that some people indulge in. The woman at the gate applauded us after the photo was taken. Do not many people do it? Such a waste! You can’t go to a Titanic exhibition and not do the pose! We also struck a pose on a replica staircase in first class.Titanic exhibition, Luxor hotel

The exhibition was brilliant. Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, but to actually see the pieces they recovered was incredible. And to read the stories of the passengers, who they were, why they were there. It’s sad some people were only on the ship because the coal strike meant the ships they’d been booked on, couldn’t sail, so they were upgraded to the Titanic. And they died. One man was due to board with his friend, but was shanghaied. It’s probably the only time being shanghaied was the better option. His friend didn’t survive.  It’s amazing to think that delicate items such as glass or dining sets survived. As well as a lot of passenger’s belongings, like razor blade wrappers! You drop plates on the floor, they smash, but they survived sinking to the bottom of the ocean. There was a large piece of the ship as well, imaginatively named The Big Piece.  The gift shop sold replicas dining sets from the first, second and third classes, which we thought was cool.

Mandalay Bay Shark reefWe then boarded a tram to Mandalay Bay to go to the shark reef. We’ve always had an obsession with sharks and recently discovered our love for terrible shark films. We always cheer when people get eaten. But we’ve never seen a shark in real life. Our ambition is to swim with them. We first visited the sea monsters museum, where they had specimens of different sea life. It was like the Bodies exhibition but with sea creatures. Though we fail to see how an Emperor penguin is any way monstrous. Then we came out of there and got a bit lost looking for the shark reef so had to ask for directions.Mandalay Bay shark reef

There weren’t just sharks there. We felt really sorry for the crocodile – he was in a small tank and looked so depressed. He didn’t really have enough room to swim around in. There were sharks, fish, rays, jellyfish, an octopus and even sea turtles! It was fantastic being so close to them. There were also piranhas, but sadly they weren’t the man-eating kind. Apparently, they prefer beef and chicken.

not a man eating piranha

not a man-eating piranha

Horror films have lied to us. The sharks all had lots of space, so they could’ve given the crocodile more space. Or at least fed it a child to cheer it up.It was amazing seeing sharks up close. We wanted to dive in the tanks with them. We can swim around, looking threatening. Unfortunately, as sharks never stop moving, it was impossible to get non blurry photos of them. We couldn’t spend as long in there as we would’ve like as we had a plane to catch!Mandalay Bay shark reef

We time to do some quick gambling, so we had a go at computerised roulette and Black Jack. Lynx won $2 on Black Jack! 😀 The cashier’s probably never been asked to cash an amount that small, but a win’s a win! We were determined to do some gambling before leaving Vegas but we just didn’t have time before. It would’ve been criminal not to gamble at least once. A waitress took our order – drinks are free when you’re gambling – so we had to wait for her to return after our measly $3 bet was up, so we kept pressing buttons, acting like we were Roulette champions. We had no idea what we were doing and had to read the rules.Mandalay Bay shark reef

It was then time to head for the airport. There was still so much we wanted to do in Vegas! McCarron Airport was very confusing. It said to go upstairs for check-in then sent us back downstairs. We checked in no problem – screw you, Gatwick! Then had to board a tram to take us to our gate. We had enough time to type up what we’ve done so far. Our flight for San Francisco was leaving at 5 p.m. We honestly hadn’t expected to enjoy Las Vegas – when we thought of places in America we wanted to visit, Vegas was never included, but we were so wrong. We loved every minute. Mandalay Bay shark reefThe people were lovely, there was so much to see and do. We weren’t there long enough! We only did 10 minutes of gambling and we never got to use the pool. It closed at 6 and we were always busy in the day. We hoped San Francisco wouldn’t be a let down, as that was the one we were excited about. Normally the things we get excited about don’t live up to our expectations and the things we’re not bothered about, tend to be amazing. Roll on Alcatraz!P1120249