Chudleigh Literary Festival

image001Those of you who were following our blog last year, may remember we read at the Salem Literary Festival in June. For those who weren’t following us then, it can be summed up by us failing to find Sir Walter Raleigh’s house on a straight road then showing up at our first festival soaking wet, covered in mud and smelling of farm animals. Yet despite this, one of the authors we met there, Kate McCormick, has asked us to read at the Chudleigh Literary Festival. Thanks, Kate! Check out the website for the full details here.

On Wednesday 8th July, we’re reading from Disenchanted, our collection of horror/comedy fairytales. We have a half hour slot (7:30 p.m.), but luckily, we’ll be in the marquee with a bar, so there’ll be drinks on hand to help the audience and us get through it together. Not sure what we’re going to talk about for 30 minutes. We’re terrified we’ll bore the audience. We imagine looking out over a sea of sleeping faces, empty glasses tumbling from their hands, the occasional snore escaping as tumbleweed blows past. Maybe we could bring a torch and do shadow puppets. Then again, we’re not very good at shadow puppets.

There are workshops during the day which we’re hoping at attend as well. We’re hoping to arrive after lunch, but those of you who remember our attempt to get to the Exeter Novel Prize, this could go horribly wrong and we’ll end up sitting in an ironically-named truck stop in the middle of nowhere. We’ve never been to a writing workshop so we have no idea what to expect. Hopefully being in a learning environment won’t awaken our teenage rebel selves where we refused to do homework because we were too busy writing novels, and got sent home for dyeing our hair purple. Ah. Our hair is currently purple. We promise we’ll behave!

So please come to the festival and meet all the authors, even if it’s just to watch us embarrass ourselves. You know it will happen. It’s the one thing we’re good at. And if we don’t, there will be drinks. We’ll be funnier if you’re drunk. If we’re not, at least you won’t remember it 😉


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