System Update

We haven’t blogged since November 14th – sorry about that. Or are you glad of the peace? 😀 It’s been pretty quiet on the writing front, as we actually got a job working with Neen in the workshop. We spent 8 days hand painting a floor for a barn conversion, even working away weekends at the farm in Newbury. It was worth the 10/12 hours days. And we actually got paid for the long hours. What’s with that? We’re used to slaving away for either free or £2 a month.

We’ve also been busy making a book trailer for romance author Rosemary Smith for her excellent book, Darkwood. Check out the trailer here.

And you know how we love the Terry Pratchett plays that Monstrous Productions perform? We’re going to be in the next one! Witches Abroad. They needed creepy twins and after being accosted in the chip shop and begged to audition, how could we refuse? We basically just stand there and look creepy. We were born to play the role. It looks like we will be wearing long silver wigs and silver sparkly dresses. Stop laughing. Our friend Tom who comes to the performances with us is taking a lot of delight in our costumes. We have tried to enforce a ‘no laughing’ rule but with every new thing they want us to wear, this is looking unlikely. And he has the most amazing chuckle so as soon as we hear it, we will laugh. We can’t help it. The play will be on April 8th – 11th in The Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff, so come along if you want a good night out.

We’re now back to editing The Malignant Dead. And we have some news: we’re planning to release it in June 2015, which will be the 370th year anniversary of George Rae becoming Edinburgh’s plague doctor. River Rose has already agreed to draw our cover for us, so we know it’s going to look fantastic. You may remember her from such covers as Disenchanted and Deadly Reflections. She’s already planning the cover and we are excited! Her covers inspire us to make our books even better to do them justice.

Also 2015 will mark the end of one our favourite traditions: the anti-Valentine’s stories. We’re bringing the entire trilogy out in one print book, with a bonus story. We’re sad that this will be the last time we can ruin Valentine’s but the blood had to stop flowing eventually.

We only released one book in 2014 – Romance is Dead, and although we had two short stories published (A Mermaid’s Kiss by Siren’s Call and City of the Dead by Dark Moon Digest), our sales have been abysmal. Some months we’ve been lucky to sell ONE book a month and considering we have six out, that is appalling. By now, most other self-published writers are selling at least 100 copies a month. We haven’t sold a 100 copies this year. Hopefully the new releases will change that. We would like to release Bleeding Empire in 2015, maybe around October time, but we’ll have to see how it goes. We don’t want to make a promise we can’t keep.

On Friday we’ll be spending the night in Derby Gaol with Scariest Places’ Simon Healy and Michael Roberts, who we recently met in Chester. If you haven’t read about our adventures, read it here. We’re hoping we don’t get fined this time, but accidents happen 😀 There is a party being held for Richard Felix (he used to be on Most Haunted), who owns the gaol, and somehow we haven’t been refused entry. They’re trying to persuade us to actually speak to Richard. But you already know how this will end – we’ll get over excited about something and end up sounding completely crazy. We do try to rein in the crazy when meeting new people but sometimes we cannot control it :/ The gaol’s curator, Ashley Waterhouse, was tempting us with photos of the rack and scavenger’s daughter that are in the gaol. He’s even agreed to let us go on them! Though whether he’ll let us out again is another matter. Guess it depends on how well we behave ourselves. We’ve never met Ashley, only spoken to him online and we’re not sure we’ve come across as sane once. He’d asked where we were staying, so we told him we’d find a Travelodge. He invited us to sleep in the gaol. That’s not an offer you get every day. Naturally we said yes. The tricky part will be getting us to leave in the morning. Ashley is also the curator of the Derby Police Museum (does he have the best job or what?) and he’s promised we can dress up. It’s like he doesn’t want us to leave Derby 😀 He’s watched the Chester episode so he is on standby to rescue us when we get lost in Derby. There is no longer an ‘if’ when it comes to us getting lost.

2014 is definitely ending better than 2013 did (our grampy died) and although it has been one of the shittiest years we’ve endured for a while, 2015 looks set to be much improved, mostly due to having two gorgeous puppies burst into our lives, destroy everything and help us heal after the deaths of our other dogs. We didn’t think we’d be able to cope with having dogs again but Bandit and our sister’s pup, Axel have made it damn near impossible not to love them. Meeting Michael & Simon is also a major factor in our excitement for the future. The day in Chester with them was one of our best days this year and we cannot wait to see them again in the gaol. Especially since they’ve been teasing us with naughty festive photos…you know how we mentioned behaving ourselves in the gaol… 😉