Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blogWe’ve been nominated by the lovely Cinta Garcia de la Rosa for One Lovely Blog Award! Check out her blog here. The rules are we have to tell you 7 things about ourselves and nominate others for the award. So here are 7 things you may or may not know about us:

1. We have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers. Seriously. If we’d gone to university it would’ve been to study Criminal Psychology. Of serial killers. Just for fun. We’re not those people who claim to have an interest in something just to appear strange or interesting to someone else, this is a genuine, decades-old interest. The psychology of serial killers would be our Mastermind subject. Not only do we own a lot of books about them, we watch a lot of documentaries. As was proved last night when we were trying to pick something to watch and our Sky + was taken up with documentaries about serial killers, true life murders and Ghost Adventures. Please do not let the police come to our house. We do not want our book shelves labelled ‘Exhibit A.’

2. We love animals. We’ve been involved with the animals rights movement since we were 8. Yes, we were real life Lisa Simpsons. We regularly donate to a variety of animal charities and our house is overrun with other people’s unwanted pets. They somehow know where we live. We turned vegan aged 14 and are now 31 and still vegan. For those who don’t know what a vegan is, it’s someone who doesn’t eat, drink, wear or use anything that comes from an animal. You’d be surprised at how much this covers. e.g. match heads contain gelatin,  a binding substance made from animal bones. We also don’t use any products that have been tested on animals. But we don’t have a problem with other people eating meat. Being vegan is our choice. We won’t tell you what to eat, as long as you don’t tell us what to eat. Our zumba teacher pointed out she loved how we walked a mile in the baking sun in Edinburgh to find a vegan cafe yet got very excited at seeing a card case made from the skin of Resurrectionist William Burke. This is one of the reasons our psychologist called us ‘paradoxes.’

3. We love history. Especially the gory tortures and executions. (see point 1). When we were in primary school we loved the Tudors and Stuarts, especially the tortures and executions. We had to write a story about a day in the life of a Tudor girl. Our characters went to see people being beheaded. An unusual topic for 9 year old girls to be interested in when everyone else like My Little Pony. We aim to visit every castle in Wales (all 641 of them). This is why in Calamityville, so much of a location’s history is mentioned. That and it helps to debunk ghosts. Our plague doctor novella, The Malignant Dead combines 2 things we love – history and horror. 17th century is our favourite period, though the 19th century has Jack the Ripper… (see point 1). Yes we’re obsessed with him too.

4. We can do mechanics. This surprises a lot of people. We’ve always loved classic cars and our mum said if we insisted on owning one, we had to learn basic mechanics as we would be stranded on the road side a lot. She was right. We each own a Renault 4 GTL -1984 and 1986. They’re called Reapers (yellow) and Radar (grey). We do a lot of work on them, the most challenging being replacing the head gasket, which we did by following the steps in a Haynes Manual. We have even dismantled our Smartcar (General Smarticus Pinkinton).

5. We named our body parts. Well, those that cause us trouble. You may have heard us mention Schofield and Linus. Schofield is Lynx’s scoliosis, which was diagnosed when she was 12 after a horse riding incident, and has given her pain ever since. Physiotherapy doesn’t help but it’s not serious enough for corrective surgery. So Schofield remains, causing problems whenever he’s in a bad mood. And Linus is Cat’s knee. 6 years ago, she tore the cartilage off her knee doing lunges. One lunge, actually. But she carried on. 5 lunges later she couldn’t get back up. So we skipped to the next part of the exercise video 😀 Three operations later (the latest being last summer and the second involving microfracture surgery where they drilled holes in her thigh bone to create a blood clot replacement cartilage) Linus remains a mystery to surgeons and physiotherapists alike. They can’t fix him and have now given up. Linus – 3, surgeons – 0. Lynx also has Frank, a problem tooth that hurts even when it’s other teeth that have the holes. And Cat has Busty, her misshapen finger caused by a brutal double hammer accident when we were making a log table.

6. We don’t sleep well. We’ve tried everything. We watch TV shows that help people with this problem and we implement their methods. We have a sleep CD from our psychologist. We’ve done evening courses of the psychology of sleep. We’ve even bought herbs and made ourselves a sleep pillow. Nothing works. Our love for Red Bull was born from our lack of sleep. When other kids in their exams had mascots on their desks, we had Red Bull. We’ve been drinking it for 16 years. It is our best friend. We write love songs about Red Bull. We married a can under the wedding arch in Dan yr Ogof caves.

7. We were going to be professional show jumpers when we grew up. Except we couldn’t afford a horse. We were obsessed with horses and horse riding. We rode every week for 8 years from age 9-17. It was all we thought about. Then the worst of the depression hit and we quit. We last rode a horse when were 19 and haven’t ridden since.

Our nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

Joanne Blaikie – join her on her journey to becoming a published writer.

Roger Jackson – we met through all setting a book in Denbigh asylum 😀

Lesley Jackson – fellow writer who regularly joins us for ghost hunting expeditions.

Gena Mantz – her vampire character, Isis takes control of her blog.



  1. Hey, you two! Thanks so much for the nomination. Very kind. I’m thinking I’m going to struggle with thinking of 7 things remotely as interesting as yours to tell everyone about myself though, but I will muse it over and accept your very kind nomination. 🙂 Good to get to know even more about you and your lives, especially about the mechanics thing. I’ll know where to come when my head gasket needs replacing! 😀 Great stuff 🙂

    • thank you! We really struggled with the 7 facts too 😀 We don’t see ourselves as very interesting. Just remember things you might not find interesting about yourself, other people will love. Good luck!

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