Omelette on the Rampage

We’re very excited today because we have another guest in Ravens Retreat. There hasn’t been a guest for a while – probably because of the rumour that those who visit Ravens Retreat never leave. That’s not true. They are free to leave whenever they like. They just have to make it out of the dungeon first 😀 Anyway, our guest today is the lovely and hilarious Sharon, all the way from Scotland. She’s the author of The Tangled Web, the highly successful Leger Cat sleuth stories and she’s here to talk about her latest release which combines two things we love: horror and humour. And you don’t get more humorous than an omelette on a rampage. So welcome Sharon, have a seat in our throne room and when you’re done, our hunky servant will show you the way to the dungeon. We mean exit.

Lacey DearieMy name is Sharon and I write using the pseudonym Lacey Dearie.  I want to reach out to people thinking of switching genres because recently for a short time, that is what I tried to do.  Writing horror was never part of my plan.  I always intended to write women’s fiction.  I even chose my pseudonym based on what I thought would appeal to my target audience.  However, the majority of readers who downloaded my work hated it for no reason other than that it was low-brow chick-lit.  I had to have a re-think because I use my royalties to pay bills.   I rely on writing income to survive but since I have no contract with a publisher, that means I can write anything I want, doesn’t it?  Okay, so my attempt at romance was reviewed as “awkward and weird,” and “the weirdest title I have read on my Kindle,” but I made an impression.

I began writing cozy mysteries about a cat detective and launched a lingerie blog.  It wasn’t chick-lit but I was subconsciously reaching out to the same demographic.  I still needed to do something else.  I wanted to prove I’m not all about cats and knickers (but really, I am).  I needed to show the world I can write characters who aren’t winos and whose lives aren’t a series of embarrassing disasters they’ll relate to their friends later.  I write enough of those stories about my own life on my personal blog!

I decided to dip into erotic horror.  I discarded all the chick-lit clichés – the gay best friend, the protagonist’s penchant for wine/cocktails and all manner of sex and shoe related disasters.  I vowed to write something harrowing that would have my readers finishing the story in a state of shock and confusion.  So I did.  I wrote something with a dungeon, inter-species sex, an orgy, a schizophrenic terrorist who goes on a killing spree, someone who has their innards ripped out and served up as breakfast and an incestuous scene involving two brothers and something that may or may not be a transsexual.  Oh, and a lesbian whose boobs explode when she gets angry.  But because I’m a chick-lit writer, when I wrote all this I made it acceptable to girly girls like myself by making all the characters FOODS.  Despite this, I still guarantee you will never look at breakfast the same way again.

To me, it’s important to write something fun and Omelette On The Rampage, my alternative horror story, allowed me to do that.  It’s also crucial to be true to yourself, no matter what your genre is, and write what you feel comfortable with.  When I sat down to write a horror story, I couldn’t pull it off.  I thought about the times I picked up a book with a sparkly, pastel coloured cover by my favourite chick-lit author and read about somebody getting abused or murdered.  It’s never happened!  And it’s something I never want to happen to my regular readers.

I don’t want to change the world.  I just want women to read my books on holiday.  Thanks to my cat detective series, I gained a whole new following of men and women who are passionate about animals and don’t enjoy having theirheart rate skyrocket when they settle down with their Kindles.  My hope is that if readers take a chance on my attempt at erotic horror, they’ll have fun.  By turning those serious, disturbing situations into a chef cooking breakfast in a restaurant, it will be something that anyone with a sense of humour can enjoy.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and thanks to the C L Raven ladies for hosting me here today.  If you’d like to read Omelette On The Rampage, the links are included at the bottom of this post.

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