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Sorry, it’s been a while, *sings Stain’d* but we’ve been out of ideas on what to blog about and rather than bore you with tumbleweed, we’ve been lurking under bridges with butterfly nets trying to kidnap ideas that dare cross our bridge. We’ve also been visiting other people’s blogs, like evil Santas delivering presents of doom.

First up is Sarah Kitsinis’s great new blog, The M.I.C. which stands for Mindful, Informed, Conscious, all about issues affecting the world today that maybe people don’t think too much about. It’s about learning about subjects you’re perhaps not aware of, or don’t know much about. The first post is about blurred gender lines and how not everyone fits into the gender they were born with, or even either gender. Sarah asked us to write a couple of posts for it on animal cruelty and bullying – two issues which shaped our lives. We were thrilled to be asked. The blog feels like a mini revolution and we’re all for revolution. So we started to write about animal cruelty, which ended up focusing on factory farming and how we became vegan at 14. Read the post, Food for Thought here. Don’t worry, it’s not a preach condemning meat eaters, it’s simply pointing out what happens behind farm doors and how it affects the world, not just animals. It was a refreshing change to write about a subject which means a lot to us. It probably seems a strange paradox – horror writers who are vegan. After all, our characters regularly rip out people’s hearts or do creative things with their bones 😀

Second up is our article, Duchesses of York  that we wrote for Oapschat. It’s about our trip to York and the ghosts that haunt it. Oapschat is a website set up by author Janice Rosser for the over-50s, but it has many great articles that are relevant for all ages – we’re fans of the website on Facebook and it’s really interesting. In fact, Janice was recently named in the Top 100 people who make others happy, all down to Oapschat. So check out the rest of the website while you’re there.

In the meantime, we’ve been submitting – The Malignant Dead, our plague doctor novella, has been submitted to the Yeovil prize and Jonathan Cape publishers, who have an open submission month for the whole of June. Bleeding Empire has had another redraft and has also gone to Jonathan Cape. We’ve started writing a new short story, untitled at the moment, about a 16 year old girl who summons a poltergeist in the wake of her best friend’s suicide. We haven’t written much YA, but we wanted to try something different other than the usual supernatural love triangle which seems to dominate YA. We also didn’t want to write about the typical YA heroine, who is the new girl in town, is instantly well-liked and gets the hottest guy in school. High school wasn’t like that for us and it’s not like that for many kids. We want to show high school in its ugly, painful reality. When we were teenagers, we would never have read a romance book or even a supernatural story with a romance element, so we’re not going to write them. We’re going to turn it into a novella, along with another short story, The Slender Man. You never know, we could be the new cause of teenagers’ nightmares 😀 The hardest part will be appealing to teenagers. We didn’t appeal to teenagers when we were their age!

And we’re also about to release Season 3 of Calamityville Horror. The first episode, Greyfriars Kirkyard will air on Wednesday. So get ready for more meltdowns, more getting lost and more dancing than ever before. There might even be some paranormal activity captured too. We know – paranormal activity on a ghost hunting show. It shocked us too. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it! We’ve already started filming Season 4 and in August we’ll be spending the night locked inside Newsham Park Hospital, a former orphanage and asylum in Liverpool. We are so excited we keep breaking into random dancing. We plan to lock ourselves in the naughty cupboards and the morgue fridge. But we’ll have to check for spiders. We’ll get inside the fridge with ghosts, maybe even a corpse at a push but if there is a spider in there, no way. We’ve all seen Arachnophobia.

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