Interview, not with Vampires

After Thursday’s post, which is probably our longest yet, you’ll be pleased to know this one’s brief.  On Tuesday, we had a phone interview with Danielle Wrate from Wrate’s Editing Services. Phone interviews always make us nervous. If you read our last post, you’ll know we had a big problem with using the phone and it still lingers to a certain degree. But whenever something makes us nervous, we hear our psychologist telling us “feel the fear and do it anyway.” So we did the interview. It started off so well – Lynx went to hit the speaker button and accidentally hung up. If you were harbouring any thoughts of us being slick professionals, those should have gone by now. We will never be smooth 😀 Anyway, you can read the interview here. As a bonus, there’s also one of our baby photos in there.

And on Friday, we released Romance Is Dead’s book trailer. Check it out

Don’t forget – Romance Is Dead will be out on Friday!