Treasure Island

Roll up! Roll up! Ready for another week of winning free books? Get your binoculars ready and your treasure seeking shovel and go digging for treasure. It’s the last week so ready, set, go!

You’ll find the answers to these questions right here on Ravens Retreat. Careful where you look though, this place is booby trapped.

1. For whose blog did we write a Halloween flash fiction entitled ‘House of Wolves’?
2. What do we drink a possibly dangerous amount of?
3. In ‘The Black Kiss’, who is the plait-haired subject of the picture that the main character studies?
For these answers, set your compass for Jeremy’s blog.
1. What is Maxwell’s special talent?
2. When playing the card game ‘Rookie Mistake’, how many cards are given out between four players? (13)
3. What does the Paranormal ability of Previnating allow them to do? (Turn into a mist and fly at a rapid pace)
And for these answers, steer your ship to Reece’s blog.
Which Scholar wrote ‘A Complete Guide to Cornelia’?
What is the sole resounding aspects of every dragon’s behaviour?
What is the one most notable feature of a member of the Scaleguard?
Safe scouring treasure seekers!

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