Between the covers

It’s here! Deadly Reflections print cover is ready for its grand unveiling! The front cover was done by the wonderfully talented Lizzie Rose, AKA River Rose and the back cover by the brilliant Ryan Ashcroft of Love Your Covers. We’re so lucky to have such amazing cover artists working with us to make our books stand out and to put our dark writings into works of gothic art.

So here it is! The print copy will be available soon. We’ll keep you posted!

Deadly Reflection C L Raven

Fairytale ending

DisenchantedTo celebrate National Short Story Week, we’ve made Disenchanted FREE on Amazon from today until Friday! Get it here. If you don’t have a Kindle, just let us know and we’ll send you a different format.

Here’s the blurb.

Once upon a time, in lands far, far away, everyone lived happily ever after. Until now. If you thought you knew the fairytales well, think again. In a modern world without morals, where beauty does not always equal goodness and evil sometimes wins, the heroes of the legends learn the hard way that survival will take more than just a pretty face, and a handsome prince does not mean salvation. Ten broken fairytales that are definitely not for children’s bedtime.

Treasure Island

Roll up! Roll up! Ready for another week of winning free books? Get your binoculars ready and your treasure seeking shovel and go digging for treasure. It’s the last week so ready, set, go!

You’ll find the answers to these questions right here on Ravens Retreat. Careful where you look though, this place is booby trapped.

1. For whose blog did we write a Halloween flash fiction entitled ‘House of Wolves’?
2. What do we drink a possibly dangerous amount of?
3. In ‘The Black Kiss’, who is the plait-haired subject of the picture that the main character studies?
For these answers, set your compass for Jeremy’s blog.
1. What is Maxwell’s special talent?
2. When playing the card game ‘Rookie Mistake’, how many cards are given out between four players? (13)
3. What does the Paranormal ability of Previnating allow them to do? (Turn into a mist and fly at a rapid pace)
And for these answers, steer your ship to Reece’s blog.
Which Scholar wrote ‘A Complete Guide to Cornelia’?
What is the sole resounding aspects of every dragon’s behaviour?
What is the one most notable feature of a member of the Scaleguard?
Safe scouring treasure seekers!