Here be Treasure

Welcome to the second week of the scavenger hunt! Are your ships still intact from battling other pirates for the booty? Are your canons restocked and ready to fire at the other ships circling the treasure? Have you sent the smallest crew member to the crows nest? Then check your compass and it shall lead you to your heart’s desire! Free ebooks!

The Onion ChroniclesSoul Asylum C L Ravenreece

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Enter the dark corridors of Ravens Retreat to find the answers to these questions. Beware the patients. Some of them are hungry for revenge.

  1. What is the title of our Horsemen of the Apocalypse WIP novel?
  2. What happened when we visited Soul Asylum’s real life location?
  3. In which cursed Calamityville Horror location did us and team member, Neen, perform zumba moves, to the horror of our tour group?

Board yer vessels and sail across the Severn to the shores of the olde enemy, England and dig for the treasure on Reece’s blog.

  1. What does Reece usually wear for good luck?
  2. What does Reece have in common with Tim Burton, Courtney Love, Dan Aykroyd and Mozart?
  3. What is the name of the villain in the second book in the Buan trilogy Company of Heroes?

Raise yer anchors and turns the sails to cross the treacherous Atlantic Ocean to Jeremy’s blog and beware the Sirens which await ye.

  1. What are the names of Jeremy’s gorgeous Golden Retrievers?
  2. What did try to do to his wife when she had a horrible cold?
  3. What is the name of the world Orion stumbles into?

Avast! Grab the booty and sail as though the kraken has been released! The first three pirates to return to Ravens Retreat with the correct answers will win all 3 books.

Are you ready?