To the End

*Stands on Casa Raven battlements with a victory flag and a town crier’s bell* Hear ye! Hear ye! *Drops bell. Watches guiltily as it hits a peasant below* Whoops. Anyhoo, we’d like to announce that our ghost story collection, Deadly Reflections is finished! */* Here’s to never having to read them again! 😀 Though we’re excited about the release now. We think we’ve worked harder on this collection than we have on any other. We started it in March and 8 of the 13 stories were already written. Weirdly, it was the oldest story, which the collection is named after, that caused us the most problems – and that one was published by Dark Fire Fiction a couple of years ago, so technically shouldn’t have needed much work. But now the stories are polished so much we almost blind ourselves when we open them 😀 They’ve also been formatted and are ready to go! The hardest part about finishing them a month early will be stopping ourselves from giving them another edit…

Fans of Calamityville Horror might recognise some of the places that feature in the collection, as a couple of the stories were inspired by our ghost hunting visits. Though obviously they are a fictionalised account – the stories have ghosts in them for a start 😀 As anyone who watches the show will know, ghosts are about the only thing we don’t find. There’s also a strong Welsh link in some of them, which we hope non-Welsh people might find interesting.

We’re bringing them out in print as well. We’ve seen a rough draft of the cover Lizzie’s drawn and it’s just incredible. It’s spooky how in sync our minds are! We gave her free reign on the design and she’s created something that’s perfect. Now that it’s done we’re excited about the project. The trailer’s almost complete *shakes fists at Power Director* The tentative release date is October 13th, as there’s 13 stories and it’s 2013. We like playing with Fate. We can’t wait to see it in print so we can stroke the cover in a totally creepy serial killer way.

Unusually for us, after finishing the formatting, we then took the evening off and chilled out by playing Mortal Kombat 9. Very gory and funny, so it’s the perfect game for us. Anyone else might have taken a break from work in the run up to a release, but  if we’re not working, we’re lost. We got a rejection today – we suspected it would get rejected as there were 1100 entries and the editor had already commissioned some stories so getting in the anthology was slim to start with! But having re-read the story we’re still happy with it so we spent today re-editing it and we’re looking for somewhere else to submit it to. It’s a historical horror and the first of its kind for us. We also found another few horror magazines/anthologies we plan to submit to. And now Deadly Reflections is done we can get back to ghost hunting! Turns out, Pennard Castle in the Gower is haunted by the Gwrach y Rhibyn, who features in one of the stories in Deadly Reflections. We just hope she doesn’t say our names and drag us down to Hell…though it would be warm down there and it’s about time Hell had a new leader…


  1. Keep me a copy when the paper version is out (still boycotting Kindle!)

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