Nightmare on Mary Ann Street

The Joker, Cardiff Comic Con

this Joker’s smile was genuine

Yesterday we got to do something we’ve wanted to do for ages – attend a Comic Con. Our American friends, particularly Scott & Desi, have attended loads and we’re always jealous of their photos and the cool people they seem to meet. But now it was our turn. Cardiff hosted its first ever Comic Con and as soon as we heard the Iron Throne was going to be there, we booked tickets. Then we found out one of our horror heroes would be there – Robert Englund. Now we had two reasons for going – to sit on the Iron Throne and get a photo with Freddy Krueger. We didn’t care who else would be there.

General Lee, Cardiff Comic Con

General Lee

Then on Wednesday, Cat had her third knee operation. Any sensible person would have missed Comic Con, but the lure of the throne and Freddy was too great. But with the nerves of the operation, we hadn’t planned our outfits. We’d originally planned to go as Miss Freddy Krueger, as we thought it would make a great photo, but we thought everyone would be going as Freddy and we didn’t want to be clones. Then we thought of going as Sweet Pea and Blondie from Sucker Punch – we’ve used those outfits a lot. On Friday, we finally thought up our outfits – creating our own Game of Thrones characters. We’d be from House Raven and dress in black. Our House motto is “They’ll never take us alive!” So we set about creating costumes from our own clothes and using Sweet Pea’s hooded cloak. On the morning of Comic Con, our mum thought of a great addition to our outfits – our ravens. So she constructed a harness to strap them to us and we were ready to go.

James O'Barr Cardiff Comic Con

James O’Barr sketching

We booked the Early Bird tickets and got there at 9:20. The first thing we saw was General Lee. The car was stunning and apparently cost Β£7000 to restore to the condition it’s in now. Wish we could’ve taken it for a spin but don’t think Comic Con’s organisers would appreciate an arena full of flattened, injured fans, even with the Dixie horn signalling our triumph. We spent a lot of time trying to find the Iron Throne then got distracted when we found the table of James O’ Barr, the creator of The Crow graphic novels.

James O'Barr, Cardiff Comic Con

The Crow creator and House Raven

We stood there watching him sketch, like creepy voyeurs before we bought prints and asked him to sign them. He then agreed to have a photo with us and asked Cat what happened to her knee. We advised him exercise was dangerous and she was living proof of it. He loved the ravens on our shoulders, which of course, is homage to Eric Draven as he’s pictured with the crow on his shoulder.

Iron Throne Cardiff Comic Con

claiming the Iron Throne

We wandered the various stalls. Mostly we couldn’t see much ‘cos we’re pixie sized and the stalls were crowded. You could barely squeeze through the aisles and on crutches this was even harder. People don’t part for the injured. We eventually tracked down the Iron Throne in the foyer and queued. We wanted to sit on together but couldn’t both fit on the seat so took turns sitting on it with the other one resting on the side. House Raven finally conquered the Iron Throne and now the Seven Kingdoms are ours! And we are vengeful rulers. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA! The other kingdoms will now cower in fear of us and our cuddly ravens.

Cardiff Comic ConOur friend, Scott always takes photos of people in costume, so we were inspired to do the same. So many people asked to have photos taken with us or to take our photo. We now know how the celebrities must feel. We should’ve started charging, earned some Red Bull money πŸ˜€ Lots of people complimented our outfits, with one lady even saying they were the best outfits there. There were so many amazing outfits there we don’t think this is true, especially as they were our own clothes πŸ˜€ The most popular outfit for girls was Harleyquinn, with their boyfriend as the Joker, but the majority of people weren’t dressed up. There were four Daenerys’s we saw and we nabbed someone dressed as Jon Snow in his Night’s Watch outfit for a photo.

Trevor Steedman, Cardiff Comic Con

Ryan & Trevor Steedman

Ryan got to meet Trevor Steedman, who played Wierzbowski in Aliens. Ryan’s a massive Aliens fan and sitting beside Trevor was Collette Hiller, who played Ferro. They were both lovely. Then it was time for our photo with Robert Englund. We queued upstairs and when we finally got into the room, watched everyone having their photo taken. Most people just smiled, a few men acted scared and Robert was brilliant, wearing his finger knife glove and enjoying himself. Then he spotted us. He called out “2 Goth girls! Fresh meat!” and laughed evilly. How could he tell we were Goths when we were in costume? Clearly our inner Goths are always shining through πŸ˜€ Up to that point, we hadn’t heard him speak to anyone. Then we got to the front and asked to both go in the photo. We were the only women who joined in with Robert’s messing around and pulled snarling faces. Then he told us how much he loved our outfits. We told him about nearly coming as Miss Krueger but deciding against it. He said we looked amazing πŸ˜€ We were the only ones he spoke to afterwards. He was so nice, really friendly, and the rest of the room had to wait for their photos while he chatted to us πŸ˜€

Lance Henriksen Cardiff Comic Con

Ryan and Lance Henriksen

We wandered downstairs again then while Ryan was talking to a stall owner, we went for a walk to ease Cat’s knee pain and Lynx’s back. We reached the back doors then they opened, and one of the men who came through, pointed to us then spoke to the guy beside him. We glanced back. It was Lance Henriksen! Lance pointed at us! Then we saw him having his photo taken with a guy so Lynx dashed back to fetch Ryan. Lance played Bishop in Aliens and we couldn’t let Ryan miss this opportunity. They came back just in time and we took a photo of him and Ryan together then we had a photo with him πŸ™‚ We took tickets for Robert’s autograph but in an hour only 100 people had gone through so we had a long wait. We ended up sitting on the stairs in the foyer as Cat’s knee was too painful to stand up any longer and those who were sitting on the few seats in the arena didn’t offer to give up their seat so she could sit, despite them being able to see her big bandage. The only negative about the event was the lack of seating. There were several people on crutches and plenty of space at the sides for extra seats. Cat had to sit on the floor and when you can’t bend your knee, getting down to the floor is difficult.

Doctor Who, Cardiff Comic Con

hanging out with two Doctor Whos

We kept going back to the autograph queue but we were over 200 people still to go. but after a couple of hours, the lady in charge of the tickets took pity on us and let us in the queue as Cat couldn’t stand up any longer. When we finally got to the front, Robert said “My favourite ladies of this Saturday! How did the photo turn out?” We couldn’t believe he remembered us. He’d had his photo taken with hundreds of people and signed over 300 autographs by this point, yet he remembered us! We showed him the photos and he loved them, commenting on the tongues pose. He then signed one of them with “To C L Raven, sleep killz. Robert B Englund.” πŸ™‚ The reason his queue took so much longer than everyone else’s was because he took the time to speak to every person.

We’ve now got a taste for Comic Con and hope Cardiff host another one. Only this time we’ll be better prepared and hopefully, neither of us will be on crutches.

Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger, Cardiff Comic Con

one, two, Freddy’s coming for you


  1. You got to meet James O’Barr! That’s awesome!! I’m so glad you were both able to go, once in a lifetime opportunity for sure!

    • he was the first star we saw. We could have watched him sketch for hours. The Joker we’re with, is such a massive fan of James, he couldn’t speak to him and was plucking up the courage to talk to him.

      • and im the joker in question !!! πŸ˜€ proudest moment ever, meeting THE MAN.. and he did me THE greatest original joker sketch ever !! you ladies were an AWESOME highlight of a perfect weekend.. just loved meeting you both !! facebook markosi gonzarelli Gascoigne xx

      • Hello Mark! Can’t believe we didn’t ask your name. Meeting you was a highlight of our day too. We spent more time talking to you than anyone πŸ˜€ So glad you managed to speak to James and get a Joker sketch. That must have been an amazing moment. We’ll track you down on Facebook now πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Sounds like it was a sweet day! Love what Robert put on your picture. I bet that was worth the wait. Though it’s surprising to hear no one wanted to give up seats :/

    • Robert was such a lovely guy. We had to get him to sign it to C L Raven, it was too good an opportunity not to. Yeah we were disgusted nobody gave up their seats, even when they saw her struggling to sit. We went and sat on stairs outside in the end.

  3. OHG you’ve sat on the Iron Throne! I am so jealous, in a friendly, not Game of Thrones stabby sort of way of course.

    • LOL! Sadly it wasn’t the real one 😦 and we were gutted we couldn’t both fit on it, but it’s going to be our next author pic πŸ˜€

  4. Love your Outfits! Awesome name, slogan and way to go Lynette with the shoulder Ravens:)
    That is one fantastic pic with England and I love the one on the Throne, You would make a great addition on “Game of Thrones”.
    So glad your knee held up, shame of those idiots for leaving you standing, it was their loss..

    • thanks πŸ™‚ the ravens were a fantastic idea. Everyone commented on them. Robert Englund kept telling us to feed them. We told him we’d feed them human flesh πŸ˜€
      We didn’t have time to do proper outfits, so we figured we’d make our own up. They were surprisingly popular.
      Cat was in a lot of pain towards the end, but we weren’t going to give up the chance to get our photo signed. What’s a bit of pain compared to meeting Freddy Krueger? πŸ˜€

  5. You pair looked very cool I must say, there is indeed another comic con announced for next March in Cardiff so look forward to seeing you there

    • thank you πŸ™‚ we’ll definitely come again, hopefully not on crutches this time πŸ˜€

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