Ghost Train

Rothley train stationLast night we went ghost hunting at Rothley’s train station. We booked tickets with UK Ghost Nights. Sometimes even we question why we do crazy things like book tickets for a ghost hunt that’s 3 hours away, ends at 3 am then insist on driving back. We like to think it’s because we’re young and foolish but our birth certificates say otherwise. We were joined again by Neen, who’s rapidly becoming the fourth member of C.A.T.S Calamityville Horror, and Hayley. We left Cardiff at 4 p.m. and reached Rothley by 7 p.m. So we hung out in the apparently haunted pub, The Woodman’s Stroke, before heading to The Royal Oak then made our way to the train station. All the tours say ‘don’t consume alcohol before a tour’. 3 drinks later, we were ready. We dressed in Victorian-esque clothes to fit in with the Victorian ghosts spotted at the station but our lack of parasols led us to taking our skull print umbrellas. The station’s been renovated to how it would have looked in 1912, complete with gas lamps and suitcases. There are plenty of rumours about people being killed on the tracks and a child breaking his neck from falling down the embankment. So far, we’ve been unable to confirm these and are waiting on the Office of Railway Regulation to help us.

After we went through the introduction, we were split in to two groups. Just case our team got separated, we came prepared with extra cameras – a 15 yr old JVC and Ryan’s dad Sony Handycam. For the first time ever, we had night vision. We were so excited. Until we discovered the batteries were very old and one wasn’t charged. Oh and the tape ran out. But the good news is, we look absolutely terrifying in night vision. Horror film, serial killer terrifying, so this will add the scare factor Calamityville Horror lacks. We also have a seriously cool Gothic utility belt that held batteries, DVR, memory cards & the K2. Yes, CVH is going pro. Our group was led by a medium. Fans of the show know exactly what we think of these mediums. But sadly, this one didn’t lead to us doing any Derek Acorah impressions. That’s a first for us. We were taken into the staff room where the cupboard is supposedly haunted by a the ghost of an apparent rapist and murderer, William. We stood in the cupboard and mocked him. After that the medium claimed William started stalking us. Our K2 meter disagreed. We’ve never known the K2 to be as quiet as it was in Rothley. Perhaps it had laryngitis.Rothley train station

We were taken back into the waiting room and each given a crystal and told to ask it to show us ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Except our crystals must have had flat batteries. Everyone else’s in the room was responding. Ours dangled like dead men from the gallows with not so much as a post mortem twitch. The organisers kept passing us different crystals, even ones that had been very active. Nothing. Then they handed out dowsing rods. Again, everyone else’s rods responded. Ours refused. They even gave Lynx rods with black handles, enabling the rods to move freely. Not a flicker. They were really confused by this. Guess this doesn’t happen often. When people asked their rods to point to ‘no’, for the negative reaction, 3 sets of rods swivelled and pointed to Cat – Neen’s, Ryan’s and the medium in training, Sarah. We’ve come to a number of conclusions. 1-we’re dead inside. 2-we have extremely poor circulation, so the pulses in our hands are weak, so if rods and crystals react to pulse, this would explain the lack of movement. 3-whereas some people are sensitive and attract spirits, we must be the opposite and repel them. Can we call ourselves insensitives?

Rothley train stationAfter this, we were split in to 3 groups. We were taken to the abandoned carriages on the track. It was beautifully creepy on that part. We had our DVRs running and on playing them back, you can hear Cat and Ryan discussing his battery dying, then a male voice whispers ‘trains’. We were right by the trains. We’ll have to check the footage to see if anyone else is around them. It definitely wasn’t Ryan. We were then taken back into the staff room and Cat and Ryan stood in what Neen termed ‘the naughty cupboard’ to again antagonise William. Lynx, Neen and Hayley joined the organisers in a ouija board session. We grew up with horror films. We grew up with the notion you never, ever, touch ouija boards. We not only touched them, we participated. And to be honest, we’ve experienced scarier fashion trends. We do not trust other people when it comes to ouija boards or planchettes. We especially don’t trust them if someone from the organising group or one of their helpers is part of it. It is so easy to move the object when your fingers are on it. The planchette moved a lot, much to our mistrust. We were then left alone to do our own investigations, so Cat and Ryan joined the ouija board. We all put the back of our fingertips on the planchette. It’s impossible for anyone to move it like this, without spiritual help. Surprise surprise, it didn’t move. Didn’t even judder. We rest our case. Ouija boards are a fun gimmick but that’s about it. Bit like a Happy Meal toy.ouija board, Rothley train station

We left the staff room and did some EVP bursts in the parcel room. Nothing. We then walked along the platform. We walked on ahead and at the same time, we both heard tuneful whistling. Nobody else was with us. Cat thought it was Neen, but Neen hasn’t been able to whistle since getting her lip pierced. We then decided to head down to the tracks. We were told that no group was allowed to venture down to the tracks without a member of staff. Calamityville Horror doesn’t follow rules! CVH doesn’t need adult supervision! No wait, we do. We headed down to the tracks beneath the tunnel. Us and Ryan heard whistling. The bridge is actually a road so it’s possible there was a dog walker out. Yes it was 2 a.m., but some people are crazy.Rothley train station

We then joined another group in the tea room, where they had been doing a ouija board for a while. We patiently waited our turn. Their turn lasted until it was almost time to leave. Thanks for sharing your toys. They’d been getting a lot of movement with the glass and seemed to know everyone who was communicating with them. We finally got our turn – put the backs of our fingertips on the glass and…nothing happened. Of course nothing happened – we don’t fake things. We even asked a question only we knew the answer to – what did our nan used to threaten us with? The ouija board had no reply.

*whispers* she regularly threatened to sell us to the gypsies.

The train station was an amazing location and it was a first for us. It was creepy, atmospheric and the perfect setting for ghost stories. As for the ghosts…maybe they hitched a ride on the last train. For some reason, we seem to scare ghosts away. Maybe it was the utility belt.Calamityville Horror, Rothley train station

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