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SA awardWe always look forward to Writing Magazine slapping onto our hall floor once a month but today it was even more exciting. A headline on the front read ‘Self-Publishing Award Winners’. Our spirits deflated like punctured lungs. In December we’d submitted Soul Asylum and Disenchanted to the David St John Thomas Self-Publishing Awards, which Writing Magazine are part of.  We’d heard nothing back so when we saw this headline we knew instantly that we hadn’t won. But we opened up the page anyway, if just to shake our tiny pixie fists in fury at the winners and clutch the magazine while our eyes twitch in a way favoured by maniacs.

And there was Soul Asylum amongst the Fiction Shortlist. We were so shocked that we completely forgot about the fist shaking and eye twitching. Even more surprising was that there were only 5 books in that shortlist. This award attracts hundreds of entries, possibly even thousands and Soul Asylum was in the top 5. We couldn’t believe it. We’re still in shock. And this is on the back of its successful free run. Well, we count it as successful. In the 5 days it was free to celebrate World Goth Day, we had 1214 downloads. The most surprising thing was someone downloaded it in Japan! We never thought it would appeal to Japan. We’ve seen their game shows. We’d worked hard to promote it and while we heard that less than 1000 in the first day meant it wasn’t successful, to us, 1214 was a massive achievement. And sales have increased following it. In March and April we sold a total of 10 books. May was doing better with 11 but Soul Asylum hadn’t sold ANY in May. Then we made it free. And suddenly after the price has gone back up, people are buying it. Granted it’s only 9 copies sold but to us, that’s huge. We’ll never make enough to keep our Red Bull supplies stocked but this is great for us and Red Bull is on offer at the moment.

It seems busting zumba moves inside the cursed witches’ circle in Edinburgh didn’t bring us bad luck after all. In fact, we haven’t been this lucky for years. Might need to find some other curses to shake our booties at…


  1. Congratulations on your success… may it continue to grow.

    • thank you! Hopefully it’s the start of things to come. Or it could be the peak. But either way, we’re enjoying it.

  2. YAY!! See? Sometimes someone (you two) are so awesome it just takes the universe a few breaths to catch up with you! Well done! *toasts with coffee* (because it’s the only caffeine I drink, lol)

    • LOL! *Clinks Red Bull against your coffee mug* thanks 😀 We’re just waiting for the universe to say “wait…we made a terrible mistake” and take it all away again 😀

  3. Darlings, I am so glad the rest of the world is recognizing your genius! ❤

    • thank you! Don’t know about genius, but our psychologist is always telling us to plant a lot of seeds, etc 🙂

  4. 1214 downloads! I hadn’t heard that. That’s great Ladies:)

    • thanks 🙂 When we’d got to 20 we were excited 😀 We didn’t expect to get over a 100 really, so we’re thrilled at the number of downloads. Hopefully people will enjoy reading Soul Asylum as much as we enjoyed working it.

  5. Makes it all worthwhile. Keep at it!

    • thank you! Most of the time it seems like we fit the description of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, but this definitely makes it worth it 🙂

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