Ghost Hunting

We’re thrilled to welcome L K Jay back to Ravens Retreat. Well, we say welcome back, we never actually let her out the last time 😀 But this time, she’s bearing gifts! Her sequel to The brilliant Ghost Hunters Club, The Ghost Hunters Return is FREE on Amazon this weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to spend the weekend ghost hunting with three fun, feisty ladies, this is the book for you. And it’s FREE! We’ve had the privilege of visiting a couple of places that are featured in the book, with L K, so now you get to enjoy them too. Here’s L K to tell you more about it.

L K JayThe Ghost Hunters Return

Have you seen the new Star Trek film?  How about Iron Man 3?  What have they got in common with my novel The Ghost Hunters Return?  They’re all sequels only mine’s better.  Ok, so my Ghost Hunters Club stories don’t have Benedict Cumberbatch in them, or Robert Downy Jr but for this weekend, it is free.  And it’ll last longer than even The Hobbit, and that’s saying something.

Anyway, after the first novel in the sequence, The Ghost Hunters’ Club, I left my heroines all with something they needed but not necessarily wanted.  A new job, a new man and lots of money, each had something but it had a twist.  This time, in The Ghost Hunters Return, two months have passed and they are planning on going ghost hunting again.  Only this time, instead of the elusive spook, there are too many!

I had real fun writing this novel.  It was my first sequel and as soon as I started, it was like meeting old friends again.  I found having conversations with them in my head much more natural, I knew how they’d react and what they wanted and I knew where they were going.  The comedy, and the drama, came much more naturally, and so did the villains.  I had real fun with those!

Then there was the ghost hunting and I couldn’t have done that without my ghost hunting heroes, C L Raven.  We visited Nottingham and Peterborough, and I’ve been to all of the venues mentioned in the novel, including Paris.  Peterborough, possibly one of the most exciting cities in the UK, alongside Milton Keynes and Grantham (I am being ironic, for those reading this who are not from the UK) has a surprising amount of ghosts.  The museum is riddled with them, it’s been on Most Haunted, so it must be true!  The cathedral is stunning, and we have some EMF activity there – the closest we’ve been so far to ectoplasm.

The thing is, can I write another Ghost Hunters and make it a trilogy.  I don’t know, when you read it you’ll see why but I can’t help but think that we haven’t seen the last of the ladies.  I planned The Ghost Hunters Return while in a dull meeting, who knows where the ideas will flood next!  Perhaps a particularly boring bus journey, or stuck in traffic, those ladies will come back – I just hope I have a pad and paper (and I’m not driving on a motorway!) when they do.

So, for this weekend, you can download The Ghost Hunters Return for free.  I hope you’ve downloaded Soul Asylum as well – it’s a cracking read and scary to boot.  And then you can read mine and lighten the mood with a golly good giggle!


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