Burn After Reading

We know we only blogged two days ago, so apologies for another bombardment, but we keep forgetting to mention we’ll be doing a library reading in Cathays Library in Cardiff, and as it is in a week, we thought we ought to announce it. Our terrible memories are legendary so PLEASE remind us to show up! 😀

Cathays Library, C L RavenFirst, check out the cool poster Cathays Library made for us. Isn’t it lovely? As the poster says, we will be in Cathays Library next Saturday at 4 p.m. We will be reading from Soul Asylum and Disenchanted, plus talking about the books and taking questions. We’ll also bring along copies of our books for anyone who wants to buy a signed copy. They’ve scheduled us to talk for an hour so be prepared for awkward silences, uncomfortable coughing and maybe random dance routines to break the tension.

Weirdly, we do have an actual tie to Cathays. The library is next door to one of our favourite graveyards – Cathays Cemetery. It’s where we filmed the book launch video for Soul Asylum. For those of you who have a print copy, you’ll know there are gravestones on the back cover. Those photos (it’s more than one) were also taken at Cathays Cemetery. When our story, Field of Screams, won Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition, the author photo we sent them, was taken in Cathays Cemetery after we’d got horribly lost in it.

So if you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday, come along and say hi. And stay for the reading 😀 We would offer you a bribe, but we lack the skills to rob a bank and health and safety vetoed us bringing along shortbread. (N.B Health and safety have also vetoed the random dance routines). We can’t promise you good times, no wait, we CAN promise you good times and you’ll get to hang out in a beautiful library, right next to a Victorian cemetery.  And if it all goes horribly wrong, that’s where we will be hiding. It’s a BIG cemetery, so you’ll never find us 😉 But please keep heckling, booing and bottle throwing until AFTER we’ve finished reading the extracts. Joining in will just distract us 😀