Game On

We’ve been infected. No, not by the Z virus, but by a fever. Board game fever. It’s sweeping across the nation and nowhere is safe. Ok, that may be exaggerating. So far the fever has only hit two places – Cardiff and Pontypridd, but it is contagious and nobody is immune. We’re not talking of playing board games, oh no, we’re talking of MAKING them. This is our mate, Rich’s fault. He is Patient Zero.

It all started when we played Atmosfear for the first time. Somehow, we managed to miss out on this as kids and never even heard of it. But Ryan had found the original game in a charity shop a few years ago. It’s so old it comes with a VHS tape and guess who has a working VCR player? Yes, us. So we played it. And loved it. Then we bought the modern, DVD version. A couple of weeks later, Rich found Atmosfear The Harbingers in a charity shop in Ponty, so we went round his and his girlfriend, Hannah’s to play it and Key to the Kingdom. We’ve owned that game since we were kids and it’s still in great condition. Then we found out Atmosfear IV, the Elizabeth Bathory one, was in a charity shop in Ponty. Two days later, Rich and us went scouring the charity shops of Ponty. Yes we spent a couple of hours raiding every charity shop in Ponty town, when it was pissing down. We are dedicated hunters. We bought Atmosfear IV and it sparked off a need to find the others. Preferably in charity shops, as they’re nice and cheap.

That’s how we were all infected with board game fever. But then Rich’s developed into a more serious case – he started planning to make his own. He told Ryan, who instantly went down with a serious case of the fever. As soon as he read Rich’s text, he was infected. He has  a  very weak immune system. Then Ryan told us. Our first thought was – ‘Bleeding Empire – the board game!’ but we’re stronger than they are. We watched them get swept up in the fever, all the while feeling the infection, but not catching it. We’re used to Ryan becoming geekily obsessed with something for a few weeks, only to abandon it & move on to something else. We’ve seen it happen over and over, so we wait until the latest obsession dies down. But this time, he was geekily obsessed with something we wanted too.

Then Rich emailed us his game for us to print out. It’s called Twelve Dragons and in a word, it’s brilliant. As this is a prototype, there are a few bugs, but not enough to spoil the game. We loved it.

On Saturday, we went out to Hobby Craft so Ryan could buy things for his game – Death or Glory. Hobby Craft is filled with shinys. Expensive shinys. After being cleaned out by the opticians, we watched Ryan with the shinys, fighting the fever. By Sunday, we succumbed. We ordered beautiful pearlescent red dice (they come in a pack of 50, so we’re sharing them amongst our infected) and we planned our board game – Bleeding Empire. Based on our newest novel. There will be all 5 horsemen, plus Drew, the fallen angel and the objective will be to break the seals and end the world. The board will be double-sided, for if Drew stops the Apocalypse, the horsemen end up in Purgatory and have to fight their way through Heaven.

We have one problem – our talents never match our ideas. This is why we’re writers, not artists. We can only create with words. But we have a secret weapon that Rich and Ryan don’t have – our mate, Neen. She’s a set painter for TV and film and she’s fantastic at making little models. There are only two rules – it has to be cheap and it has to be awesome. 3D awesome with a city scene on one side, Purgatory and the treacherous path to Heaven on the other. Yesterday we went round Rich and Hannah’s and spent all evening playing board games. Some we played several times. We also played Rich’s game and it was even more awesome, especially as Cat and Hannah became a co-op team & kicked everyone’s arses. And we were all VERY excited about the new dice. Oh no! It appears…are we becoming…geeks?

This afternoon, as we were in the dentist’s, awaiting Cat’s wisdom tooth extraction, we took a notebook and planned our game, including character cards, and made notes on what needs to go into it. It’s not fully fleshed out yet, but it has a skeleton we can build on. But we are WAY behind. Rich’s game is complete, save for a few kinks. Ryan swears he’ll have a prototype by the weekend. Ours hasn’t even made it out of the notebook yet. But with an artist on board, we know ours will be stunning. The greatest board game ever! We think. We just hope the obsession hasn’t died by the time it’s made.

The fever is spreading.


  1. Oh no. Don’t let MG see this! He’ll be infected in an INSTANT. And then he’ll infect his friends *smacks her head* It’d be a sad day heh

    Related note: have fun!

    • LOAO! You mean…we could infect the ENTIRE Nerd Hoard?! Bet your guy could come up with some cool games though. *whispering* don’t tell him we said that 😉 this is going to be so much fun!

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